17-year-old student accidently shot to death during part-time job at Hunan gun club
Published: Jul 27, 2023 01:14 AM
criminal Photo: VCG

Photo: VCG

Police in Yueyang, Central China's Hunan Province, on Wednesday said they had put two people under criminal coercive measures after a high-school student was accidently shot to death at a local gun club.

According to an announcement by local police, the accident took place on Saturday afternoon. A local resident surnamed Liu and three friends came to the club around  1 pm that day. The victim, an employee at the  club surnamed Du, instructed them on basics of shooting. 

The gun discharged accidently when Du was instructing Liu and shot Du. Du was transferred to  hospital immediately and  received treatment. He died around 11 am Monday,  police confirmed.
Police have put the owner of the club who is surnamed Li and Liu under criminal coercive measures. Li is suspected of being liable for serious accidents and Liu is suspected of causing death by negligence, the police said, noting that they are still investigating the incident.  

The club was a legal club established in November 2019, according to  police.  

According to media reports, Du was a 17-year-old student on the second grade in a local vocational high school. He was working a part-time job at the gun club during summer holiday.     

Media said that Du was shot in the head, citing one of Du's family members  whose name was not given. 

In China, criminal coercive measures may include summons by force, bail, residential surveillance, detention or arrest, according to China's criminal laws and regulations.