Peru Sees China as a Valuable Partner
Published: Jul 31, 2023 11:32 AM
Marco Balarezo, Ambassador of Peru to China (Photo:People's Daily)

Marco Balarezo, Ambassador of Peru to China (Photo:People's Daily)

Since our independence, over 200 years ago, Peru has had the support of strategic partners, including our deep ties with the People's Republic of China. Both countries are cradles of ancient civilizations, and we share the vicinity of the Pacific Basin as a scenario for action to achieve the development and progress of our peoples in a globalized world.

This year, Peru celebrates a decade since the establishment of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with China and 52 years since the beginning of our diplomatic relations. The links between our two peoples date back to the 19th century, and the significant Chinese migration to Peru has contributed to the consolidation of Peruvian identity through its culture. This is reflected in the fact that close to 10% of Peruvians can trace their ancestors back to China.

China is the primary market for Peruvian exports, and the main source of our imports. For China, Peru is the second investment destination in Latin America.We are close to fully optimizing the 2010 free trade agreement, which is key to fully extending our economic and trade cooperation. We are partners in the Belt and Road Initiative and actively work in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC), which Peru will preside over in 2024. We hope for the active participation of Chinese side.

Peru sees China as a valuable partner with whom there are important economic complementarities and opportunities to explore in science and technology, innovation, digital economy, and industrialization. Precisely, Peru's confidence in Chinese scientific development is demonstrated by the presence of nearly 200 Chinese companies in Peru across a wide range of sectors in our economy.

China is currently a relevant actor on the international stage and a leader in global issues of common interest for developing countries, with its significant new initiatives for Global Development, Security, and Civilization. These initiatives complement and extend the possibilities of pragmatic cooperation already unleashed with the Belt and Road Initiative, 10 years ago.

Our relationship pillars are multidimensional and decentralized, enabling me to state that Peru is a model case for a pragmatic comprehensive strategic partnership with China in Latin America.

As the Ambassador of Peru, I am committed to working closely with authorities and businesses from both countries to promote and facilitate our relationship at all levels and in all aspects, not only at the national level but also at provincial and local levels.Through our Embassy, we will offer support and guidance to Peruvian companies interested in entering the Chinese market and establishing solid business alliances, and vice versa.

By Marco Balarezo, Ambassador of Peru to China