Implementation of the Anti-domestic Violence Law in China achieves significant results, with a decrease of 5.2% of cases
Published: Aug 29, 2023 08:49 PM


According to a report released on Monday, the number of personal injury criminal cases related to domestic violence has continuously decreased in the seven years since the implementation of the Anti-domestic Violence Law. Survey data shows that the proportion of women who have experienced physical and psychological violence from their spouses in marital relationships stood at 8.6 percent in 2021, a decrease of 5.2 percentage points compared to 2010. 

On December 27, 2015, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) reviewed and passed the Anti-domestic Violence Law, marking a new stage in China’s legal promotion of anti-domestic violence work. And the report on the work of combating domestic violence was submitted to the 14th Standing Committee of the NPC for deliberation on Monday. 

The report states that since the implementation of the Anti-domestic Violence Law, in terms of strengthening intervention and disposal measures, first, mandatory reporting has been implemented to solve the problem of difficulties in discovering domestic violence against minors; second, timely warnings have been issued to prevent the escalation of domestic violence; third, personal safety protection orders have been issued to prevent violent infringement; fourth, prosecutorial functions have been exercised to handle criminal cases involving domestic violence in accordance with the law. 

Over the past seven years, the implementation of the Anti-domestic Violence Law in China has achieved significant results, and the work of combating domestic violence has made new progress. The public’s awareness of domestic violence has gradually increased, the self-protection awareness of domestic violence victims has been enhanced, and judicial authorities have intervened and disposed of domestic violence more timely, resulting in a continuous decrease in the number of personal injury criminal cases related to domestic violence, it said. 

Compared with the number of civil cases related to marriage and family in China, the number of applications for personal safety protection orders remains relatively small. Some domestic violence victims have a low willingness to seek relief through public channels, either due to lack of understanding or fear of applying. In some places, there is a deviation in understanding of personal safety protection orders, resulting in a reluctance to use this option. 

The report specifically points out that from the perspective of publicity content, there is a lack of strong analysis of misconceptions such as “family problems should not be made public,” and “men are superior to women.” 

The role of warning letters and personal safety protection orders in preventing the escalation of domestic violence requires further public awareness. In consideration of future work, the report said that it will improve the mandatory reporting system, improve the warning and disposal system, implement the personal safety protection order system, fully leverage the role of shelter institutions, strengthen the education and correction of domestic violence perpetrators, further strengthen the role of coordination mechanisms, and enhance social governance over domestic violence issues.

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