Typhoon Saola weakens after landfall in China; Shenzhen resumes transportation, business
Published: Sep 02, 2023 04:27 PM


Typhoon Saola has weakened after landing the second time in Yangjiang, South China's Guangdong Province on Saturday noon, bringing strong winds and downpours.

Saola made the first landfall at midnight in Zhuhai.

Guangdong Province has downgraded its typhoon response to level II while the city Shenzhen removed suspension orders covering schools, construction projects, business and transportation.

Multiple cities in Guangdong and Hong Kong SAR had earlier suspended public transportation, work and business activities in advance of Saola's arrival, which initially was categorized as a super strong typhoon.

Though the typhoon has weakened, observers warned against possible secondary disasters caused by sustained downpours, including flooding and flowing water, or falling objects.

Local units across China's state grid are inspecting the electricity system for power failures or debris on power lines.

Newly formed typhoon Haikui is approaching China's southeastern coast and is predicted to land on the island of Taiwan on Sunday evening before moving westward to Fujian Province.

Global Times