Nuclear and radiation outpatient clinic opens in China’s Guangzhou
Published: Sep 02, 2023 06:03 PM


A hospital in Guangzhou in South China's Guangdong Province has opened an outpatient service unit on nuclear and radiation for residents to consult on health related issues and groups vulnerable to exposure risks to receive tests.

The Guangzhou 12th People's Hospital revealed on its WeChat account that services are available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Radiation damage has become a hot topic in China after Japan started dumping nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean prompting public outcry and widespread concern.

The Global Times learned from the hospital's service line that consultancy on nuclear medicine has increased over recent days, but people with clear exposure risk are advised to receive book at tests.

People of different age groups can take the test. Two major items are lymphocyte chromosome aberration analysis and lymphocyte micronucleus detection of a blood sample, while medical staff will also evaluate results based on the patient's personal situation, the hotline representative said.

The service is not covered by public health cover and costs around 1,000 yuan ($138), the representative added.

Japan's selfish dumping plan has prompted public concern in China, leading to a hoarding of salt and heightened sensitivity to Japanese products. The Chinese government has imposed a ban on Japan-sourced seafood.

Long term environment and human damage could take generations to be identified, and in most cases be too late, analysts warned.