Joint operation by China and Myanmar cracks down on 11 telecom fraud dens, catching 269 suspects
Published: Sep 05, 2023 11:54 PM
Two suspects of telecom fraud are handed over by Myanmar to the Chinese police at Yangon International Airport and escorted back to China on August 23, 2023. Photo: Chinese Embassy in Myanmar

Two suspects of telecom fraud are handed over by Myanmar to the Chinese police at Yangon International Airport and escorted back to China on August 23, 2023. Photo: Chinese Embassy in Myanmar

A joint operation conducted by the law enforcement departments of China and Myanmar recently cracked down on 11 telecom fraud dens entrenched in northern Myanmar, catching 269 suspects, China Central Television (CCTV) reported. 

The 269 suspects include 186 Chinese nationals, 66 Myanmar people, 15 Vietnamese and two Malaysians. Among them, 21 are the sponsors, group leaders or key members of the criminal gangs. Besides this, 13 of the suspects captured are online fugitives, including one involved in a murder case who had been at large for 19 years. 

The operation was organized by China's Ministry of Public Security and Southwest China's Yunnan Province's public security bureau.

A large number of tools such as computers, mobile phones, mobile phone sim-cards, bank cards and fraud scripts were seized at the crime scenes. 

The Chinese suspects have been handed over to Chinese authorities and the public security authorities will thoroughly investigate any illegal conduct and punish them severely in accordance with the laws, according to officials.

China and Myanmar have reached an important consensus on combating cross-border telecommunications fraud and have agreed to further enhance communication and information sharing to continuously improve the level of cooperation in border affairs between the two countries, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on August 29.

According to China's Ministry of Public Security, since the beginning of this year the high frequency of telecom fraud conducted in northern Myanmar which involve victims in China has evolved into a series of criminal activities such as smuggling and illegal detention, which seriously endangers the property safety and infringes upon legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese people and has aroused deep hatred from the public, CCTV has reported. 

According to the Ministry of Public Security, the authority attaches great importance to this situation and is comprehensively strengthening the overall assessment of telecom fraud crimes in northern Myanmar related to China. They carefully analyzed the types of fraud methods, investigated fraud dens and personnel, and collected solid evidence of their crimes. 

The public security authority has recently investigated and sorted out a batch of clues connected to crimes in northern Myanmar that are related to China. The related fraud dens mainly involve fraud such as impersonating bosses' acquaintances, false investment and financial management and impersonating e-commerce logistics customer service. These cases are linked to more than 1,100 telecommunications and internet fraud cases nationwide, involving a total amount of 120 million yuan ($16.43 million). 

With full knowledge of the facts and evidence of the crimes, the Ministry of Public Security deployed and coordinated the Yunnan public security department to enhance law enforcement cooperation along the border and work together with relevant law enforcement departments in Myanmar to successfully dismantle the aforementioned fraud dens. 

According to the public security authority, the current situation in terms of telecom and internet fraud, especially the crimes of telecommunications fraud in northern Myanmar that are related to China, is grim and complex.

In regard to Chinese nationals trapped overseas, public security authorities will step up diplomatic negotiations and rescue efforts to protect their personal safety and legitimate rights and interests to the maximum extent.

For those individuals who are illegally detained abroad, the public security authority will strengthen law enforcement cooperation and urge the law enforcement departments of relevant countries and regions to intensify their efforts to severely punish criminals. 

Those who illegally cross the border and engage in telecom and online fraud activities abroad will be held accountable for their behaviors which the public security authorities will thoroughly investigate in accordance with the law. 

The public security authority sternly warns telecom and internet fraudsters, especially those hiding abroad, to recognize the situation, rein in their actions, immediately cease committing fraud and related criminal activities, and return to the country to turn themselves in as soon as possible for lenient punishment, CCTV reported. 

The authority also reminds the public to raise their awareness of security precautions and not be lured by "high-paying job offers" that lead to engaging in fraudulent activities abroad. 

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