Teacher who hurts student’s head arrested on suspicion of intentional injury in C. China’s Changsha
Published: Sep 07, 2023 09:02 PM
From Yuelu police

From Yuelu police

A primary school teacher, who caused injury to one student, was arrested on suspicion of intentional injury in Changsha, Central China's Hunan Province, the Yuelu local police announced on Thursday. 

The teacher involved is surnamed Song, male, 40, who caused a wound to one student's forehead during an after-class service at Bocai Meixi Lake Primary School in Yuelu district of Changsha. The police immediately started to investigate after receiving the report, said the police. Song is currently held in police custody, and the case is under further investigation.
On Thursday afternoon, the Yuelu district education authorities announced that the teacher and the person in charge at the school involved have both been suspended.

The education authorities said they will seriously deal with the involved personnel in accordance with law and regulations. At the same time, the authorities will comprehensively strengthen the construction of teachers' professional ethics and student safety management.

The incident triggered a wide discussion online, and has gained more than 150 million views on Chinese X-like Sina Weibo, with many calling on a fair investigation.

"The teacher must be punished strictly," one netizen commented. 
Some netizens said the person in charge of the school should bear the responsibility. "The teacher's teaching certificate should be revoked, and he should be prohibited from the education career in the future. He belongs in jail," one netizen said.
The teacher reportedly hit the female student with a triangle board. After the parents arrived at the hospital, it was found that an immediate craniotomy was required. After nearly five hours of craniotomy surgery, the shattered skull and foreign object inserted into the brain were removed, according to media reports.

The local women's federation also started to contact the street office, and is still waiting for the results of the investigation by the police and the education authorities, according to media reports.