‘Those aliens fit the stereotype’ - Chinese netizens engage in heated discussions on Mexican ‘alien’ hearing
Published: Sep 14, 2023 05:53 PM Updated: Sep 14, 2023 05:48 PM
People observe the “non-human” beings in Mexico City, Mexico on September 13, 2023. Photo: VCG

People observe the “non-human” beings in Mexico City, Mexico on September 13, 2023. Photo: VCG

Chinese netizens have been engaging in heated discussions on the recent Mexican alien hearing, in which the Mexican Congress displayed the remains of two suspected “extraterrestrials,” according to media reports. The hearing sparked a lively discussion on Chinese social media, with opinions ranging from doubt to curiosity.

The two “bodies” were discovered in Peru in 2017, and were believed to be 1,800 and 700 years old respectively. They have three fingers on each hand and elongated heads, and they were found not related to any life on Earth, according to media reports.

Some people who observed the hearing expressed doubts over the authenticity of the two “bodies.” The news also sparked public interest, which gained more than 670 million views on Sina Weibo on Thursday, with many questioning the authenticity of the incident.

“That fits the stereotype of an alien,” one netizen commented.

“I don’t know if they are alien remains, but I believe that there are other life forms in the universe,” another one speculated. 

Some netizens guessed that the remains might be remains of some kind of extinct species.

“So far, we haven’t found any conclusive evidence to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life in space activities,” China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation said via Chinese popular question-and-answer website Zhihu on Thursday, commenting on the Mexican “alien” hearing.

The topic of “Unidentified Flying Object” (UFO) topped the trending searches on Weibo on Thursday, with 220 million views gained as of press time. It was attributed to recent reports and discussions on UFOs, driving a high degree of public interest over mysterious sightings and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. 

Netizens from multiple regions including Central China’s Henan Province, East China’s Shandong Province, North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region claimed that they had seen UFOs on Wednesday evening, and they said that it shone straight down like a flashlight, and after a few seconds it dispersed like fog.

However, to date no proof has been provided. 

Wang Kechao, an employee working on popularization of science from Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the phenomenon could be contrail clouds formed by the exhaust gases of spacecraft, which are reflected by sunlight in the sky. It was not astronomical phenomena, and it was probably traces left by human space activities, said Wang, according to Jiangsu-based Litchi News. 

Jinan Seven Star Observatory has captured pictures of “unidentified flying objects” three times within six days, sparking wide discussion among netizens. For the first time since the station was built, objects appeared to be UFOs were captured by the device, according to media reports.

“It’s the first time [that UFOs were captured] since the station was built about six years ago,” Lu Yinxing from the observatory said. The three pictures were taken by an astronomical camera that is used to detect meteors, which is also rare in China, local media outlet the Jinan Times reported.

“The trajectories of UFOs detected in the three times were completely different,” Lu said. “One of them is a very fast straight line, but slightly turned, and the other two are different … and we will continue to analyze the follow-up and make the information public once there’s new findings,” Lu noted, according to the report.