Hangzhou Asian Games Village unveils its doors as city buzzes with Games spirit
Published: Sep 16, 2023 10:00 PM


The Hangzhou Asian Games Village officially opened its doors on Saturday, as the competition is set to commence in just a week. With over 20,000 participants, including athletes, team officials, technical staff, and media personnel, the village is abuzz with anticipation.

The facility goes beyond providing the basics of accommodation, dining and transportation. It also offers a myriad of services, including cultural and technological exhibitions, medical facilities, and commercial amenities.

"In terms of architectural style, accommodation conditions, and dining environments, the village has exceeded my expectations. The environment and services are exceptional, making me even more excited about the upcoming events," Tokyo Olympic triple jump silver medalist Zhu Yaming told the Xinhua News Agency Saturday.

Vinod Kumar Tiwari, the Acting Director General of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), praised the "innovative" concept of the Asian Games Village at the opening ceremony. He emphasized that the Asian Games Village showcased the solidarity and unity of the Olympic movement in Asia, and it was also the first of its kind in the history of the Asian Games and even Olympic Games, according to a post published on the website of the OCA.

"We believe the quality of life in the Asian Games Village can lay the foundations for a smooth and successful Hangzhou Asian Games," he noted.

Spanning an area of 1.13 million square meters, the village comprises athlete, technical, and media villages, making it the largest non-competition venue in the Games.

One of the unique features of this year's athletes' village is its emphasis on sustainability and the promotion of Chinese traditional culture and technology. In line with Hangzhou's commitment to a "zero-waste" city and green sports, it features a "zero-waste" living center constructed from eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting, and recycling facilities.

Visitors to the center can explore low-carbon products, engage in interactive games, and learn about low-carbon concepts through a combination of interactive visuals and physical demonstrations. The village also boasts high-tech facilities, including 3D and VR experiences, table tennis robots, and piano robots.

Athletes can also learn about Chinese traditional customs at the village, and experience traditional Chinese cultural skills, such as Chinese button knotting and bamboo weaving.

Hangzhou has embraced the spirit of the Games throughout the city. The newly-built T4 terminal at the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is adorned with Asian Games banners and sponsor advertisements. Streets are lined with promotional banners, mascots, and colorful floral installations, adding to the event atmosphere.

A dedicated Asian Flower Theme Park opened on September 6 in Hangzhou, featuring a vast array of Asian flora, providing visitors with a glimpse into Asian plant culture.

Adjacent to the park is the "Hello, Square," which offers volunteer services and features a 3D screen for live sports broadcasts. During the Games, this space will provide a comfortable viewing area for residents to immerse themselves in the Asian Games atmosphere.

The site is currently staffed by volunteer organizations, with at least two volunteers on duty daily, offering services including Asian Games promotion, information inquiries, medical emergency assistance, and cultural and tourism recommendations.

"This square not only serves the Asian Games but also contributes to enriching the leisure activities of residents. It helps cultivate a cultured and civilized way of life among citizens," a volunteer serving at the square told the Global Times on Saturday.