706 telecom scam suspects from northern Myanmar handed over to China in three groups
Published: Oct 09, 2023 12:24 PM
Handcuffs Photo: CFP

Handcuffs Photo: CFP

A total of 706 telecom scam suspects from northern Myanmar were handed over to China in three groups, as local public security authorities in Southwest China's Yunnan Province continue to  strengthen border police cooperation with law enforcement departments in Myanmar, bringing the total number of telecom scam suspects transferred to China to 2,317.  

Recently, based on the significant results achieved from earlier campaigns, another major breakthrough was made in fighting cross-border telecom scam: 497 telecommunications and internet fraud suspects were handed over to the Lincang Public Security Bureau in Yunnan in two groups, while 209 such suspects were transferred to the Pu'er Public Security Bureau. 

Among these, 26 were fugitives listed online. This has dealt a significant blow to overseas fraudsters.

In recent years, following intensifying crackdowns by Chinese public security authorities and the continuous deepening of international law enforcement cooperation, telecom fraud criminal groups that were previously hiding in Southeast Asian countries have gradually relocated to northern Myanmar. They mainly operate in the areas in Myanmar which are adjacent to the Chinese cities and prefectures such as Xishuangbanna, Pu'er, Lincang and Dehong in Yunnan. 

Since September, public security bureaus in Yunnan's Xishuangbanna, Pu'er, and other regions, through border police enforcement cooperation with relevant local law enforcement departments in Myanmar, have successfully eliminated a significant number of overseas criminal dens and transferred a substantial number of telecom and internet fraud suspects to Chinese authorities.

In mid-September, a fresh group of 109 suspected telecom scammers were handed over to China from northern Myanmar, bringing the accumulated number to 1,482, according to China's Ministry of Public Security.

And another 209 telecom and internet fraud suspects were handed to the Chinese side on October 1 under the efforts of the Pu'er Public Security Bureau. Also, with the efforts of Lincang Public Security Bureau, Myanmar's local law enforcement departments transferred 497 telecom and internet fraud suspects to China in two batches, on September 25 and October 7, respectively. 

Currently, those suspects have been extradited by public security bureaus from areas involved in the case, including North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, East China's Zhejiang, Anhui, and Fujian provinces, Central China's Henan Province, and Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality. 

Public security authorities will thoroughly investigate all available evidence, while cracking down on fraud crimes in accordance with the law, they will deeply seek to disrupt associated crimes within the domestic markets, ensuring a comprehensive crackdown and strict legal punishment. 

After sustained and effective crackdowns, 2,317 telecom fraud suspects from northern Myanmar have been successfully captured and handed over to China, including 23 behind-the-scenes "financial backers," organizational leaders, and core members, along with 94 fugitives listed online. 

This has significantly disrupted space for overseas fraud activity, and the number of telecom and internet fraud cases nationwide has shown a clear declining trend recently.

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