A family member of Israeli diplomat stabbed by a foreign national in Beijing
Published: Oct 13, 2023 09:26 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Ping'an Chaoyang

Photo: Courtesy of Ping'an Chaoyang

A family member of an Israeli diplomat, who is 50 years old, was stabbed by a foreign individual on Friday afternoon in Beijing's Chaoyang district, local police said.

Currently, the police have apprehended the suspect. Upon initial investigation, it was revealed that the 53-year-old foreign suspect works in the small commodities business in Beijing. The case is still under further investigation, as stated by the police of the Chaoyang district in a release on Friday night.

Israeli foreign ministry has confirmed the incident, stating that the victim was taken to a hospital for treatment and is in stable condition.

"An Israeli employee of the Israeli embassy in Beijing was attacked today," a statement from Israeli foreign ministry said, adding that the attack did not take place at the embassy compound, AFP reported.

Some Chinese observers strongly condemn such attack in the city's downtown. Hu Xijin, a media professional, said in a post on social media platform X, formally known as Twitter, that he strongly condemned the attack on the Israeli diplomat on Chinese soil. "I believe the attacker will be severely punished by Chinese law."

Global Times