GT Exclusive: Tax, natural resource authorities inspect Foxconn companies in mainland cities
Published: Oct 22, 2023 08:34 AM
Foxconn Photo: VCG

Foxconn Photo: VCG

Chinese mainland tax authorities have conducted tax inspections on key enterprises of Foxconn in Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces, among other places, in accordance with the law, and the natural resources department has also conducted on-site investigations into the land use of key enterprises of Foxconn in Henan and Hubei provinces, the Global Times has learned exclusively from sources on Sunday. 

The relevant departments conducting tax inspections and investigating land use situations of domestic enterprises in China are normal market supervision activities, which are reasonable and legal. Enterprises of Foxconn have the obligation to cooperate and jointly maintain market order, and should correct if any violations have been found, Zhang Wensheng, deputy dean of the Taiwan Research Institute at Xiamen University, told the Global Times.

Zhang noted that the mainland has always welcomed Taiwan-funded enterprises to invest in the mainland and protected their legal interests. In recent years, relevant departments have provided preferential measures to Taiwan-funded enterprises, encouraging them to share the mainland’s development opportunities. Enterprises from the island that have come to invest and establish factories in the mainland have indeed enjoyed the dividends of peaceful development. 

As a leading company from Taiwan, Foxconn has achieved significant profits and expanded its presence in the mainland. Its subsidiary, Foxconn Industrial Internet Co. Ltd, has been listed on the A-share market, contributing to its parent company, Hon Hai Group, said Zhang.

The expert noted that companies from the island, including Foxconn, should not only benefit from the development opportunities and dividends in the mainland but also shoulder corresponding social responsibilities. They should actively contribute to promoting peaceful cross-Straits relations and play a positive role in their continuous development.