Canada’s accusation against China of spreading false information is baseless and a blatant attempt to smear China: Chinese Embassy
Published: Oct 24, 2023 12:00 PM Updated: Oct 24, 2023 11:53 AM
cyber attack Photo:VCG

cyber attack Photo:VCG

The Chinese Embassy in Canada responded on Monday that Canada's accusation is baseless and a blatant attempt to smear China and China strongly expresses its dissatisfaction and firm opposition to these claims, after Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement accusing China of being involved in recent attacks on Canadian officials and lawmakers using internet trolls and fabricated videos.

In a recent report from Global Affairs Canada, it alleged that "the 'Spamouflage' campaign, began in August and targeted dozens of MPs from across the political spectrum and spanning multiple geographic regions of Canada, including the Prime Minister, the leader of the Official Opposition, and several members of Cabinet," is connected with China.

Mao Ning, spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, responded on Tuesday that the so-called statement by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs distorts facts, confuses public opinion, and imposes false charges on China and China is strongly dissatisfied with and firmly opposed to it.

China urges the Canadian side to respect facts and truth, stop spreading China-related lies, and stop words and deeds that poison the atmosphere of China-Canada relations and damage bilateral relations, Mao stressed.

For some time now, Canada has repeatedly accused China of spreading false information targeting Canadian politicians without providing any direct or substantial evidence, the Chinese Embassy highlighted in a statement.

In fact, it is Canada itself that is spreading false information. China has never interfered in the internal affairs of other countries. On the other hand, countries like Canada in the "Five Eyes Alliance" have long fabricated lies and false information regarding Xinjiang, Xizang, Hong Kong, and other issues, grossly interfering in China's internal affairs. Canada is the real creator and disseminator of lies and false information, the statement said.

Not long ago, hundreds of countries voiced their support for China's just position in the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly, fully demonstrating that the attempts of a few Western countries to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries are unpopular and doomed to fail.

China urges Canada to abandon its Cold War mentality and ideological bias, stop making unfounded accusations against China, stop spreading false information to mislead the public, and instead do more to improve and develop bilateral relations, it noted.

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