Alibaba-backed T-Head reveals first SSD controller chip
Published: Nov 01, 2023 10:31 PM
Zhenyue 510

Zhenyue 510

Alibaba-backed Chinese semiconductor start-up T-Head on Wednesday revealed a high-performance enterprise SSD controller chip, Zhenyue 510, based on the company's self-developed hardware and firmware architecture and offering performance breakthroughs, T-Head told the Global Times on Wednesday. 

Zhenyue 510 was released during the Apsara Conference 2023, and is T-Head's first SSD controller chip. Zhenyue 510 has an ultra-low write latency, improving by over 30 percent on other products in the industry, and greatly upgraded error correction performance. 

The SSD controller chip will be firstly deployed in the Alibaba Cloud datacenter, and can be applied in sectors such as artificial intelligence, big-data analysis, high performance databases and software defined storage, said T-Head. 

Like the CPU, an SSD is another vital part of a computer in charge of data access, management and correction, and is directly linked to the performance of a computer and relevant operations. 

Zhenyue 510 is the "brain" of the SSD, integrating multiple innovative technologies including T-Head's self-developed hardware and firmware architecture, said the company. 

In the past five years, T-Head has launched several computing chips, including the Yitian 710 processor chip that has been used by thousands of clients in the fields of e-commerce, short videos and online education. The launch of Zhenyue 510 marks the company's move into the storage sector, said T-Head. 

Global Times