Beijing Xiangshan Forum stands out for its push for common security, lasting peace
Published: Nov 02, 2023 07:26 PM
The 10th Beijing Xiangshan Forum kicks off with a record scale on October 29, 2023 under the theme of

The 10th Beijing Xiangshan Forum kicks off with a record scale on October 29, 2023 under the theme of "Common Security, Lasting Peace." The event is expected to comprehensively implement the concept of a global community of a shared future. Photo: VCG

I attended the recently concluded 10th Beijing Xiangshan Forum as a delegate. My impression of the three-day full event is that the Forum this year really aimed to promote common security and lasting peace. This is exactly what the world of today needs desperately, especially in certain parts of the world.

I think the Xiangshan Forum is indeed becoming an open-ended forum, providing great opportunities for all kinds of perspectives to be presented, including warring parties and parties which have completely different or conflicting viewpoints on major issues. For example, during this year's Forum, the Israeli delegate presented their perspective on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the Ukrainian military attaché presented his view and queries about the positions of several other countries about the war between Russia and Ukraine.

We want to understand better different countries' views and agendas and make a common effort to make sure that the world we're living in will indeed enjoy common security and lasting peace. This is not easy to achieve, but as a goal, I think this should remain the guiding principle for mankind as a whole and for every country in the world. This is truly the real value of the Beijing Xiangshan Forum.

The Forum touched upon the most important issues facing the world today. General Zhang Youxia made the key points on behalf of the Chinese military and the Chinese government about key issues involving Taiwan, for example. Defense Minister of Russia Sergei Shoigu also made important announcements about when and under what circumstances Russia would use nuclear weapons. The discussion of these topics commanded the attention of the whole world and signifies the great importance of the event and indicates its great potential.

Together with the Shangri-La Dialogue and the Munich Security Conference, the Xiangshan Forum is one of the three most important defense forums and gatherings in the world. And what really distinguishes the Xiangshan Forum from the other two forums lies in the fact that at the Forum, we have not only a platform for all views to be presented and listened to, but also a common goal to achieve - promoting common security and lasting peace - rather than your security is absolute or my security is conditional.

I do hope eventually the Chinese perspective and collective wisdom presented at the Xiangshan Forum will generate a greater and more international impact to be analyzed by every country in the world. I think there is great expectation for the Xiangshan Forum to be held every year. And with greater participation, hopefully, the US will send its Secretary of Defense to participate in one of the future sessions as a keynote speaker.

The Taiwan question is a focus of this year's Forum. China emphasized at this year's Xiangshan Forum that if any force, either "Taiwan independence" forces on the island or outside forces, tries to pull the island away from China, China will never allow that to happen, and the Chinese military will make sure that their scheme will never become a reality. 

China is declaring the truth to the rest of the world. I do hope the US will really think twice about making any dangerous steps to further hollow out the one-China policy, because their efforts will be a mission impossible. 

If we zoom in on Asia-Pacific, then we can see the great importance of making sure that peace prevails. And all of us need to protect the region from the infiltration of outside forces who try to stir up trouble and urge one country in our part of the world to fight against the other. I think this is truly a danger facing different countries in the region. We need to refuse to be dragged into confrontation or any kind of war in our part of the world. We need to stand firm to make sure that we embrace peace rather than be tempted to engage in war against each other.

I urge all countries in Asia to maintain their own sobriety to see through the tricks being played in certain parts of our region by outside countries. It is time for us to be rational, reasonable, wise and courageous, to embrace peace, and to resist the temptation of war.

The author is a chair professor at Soochow University and Vice President of the Center for China and Globalization. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn