China holds first supply chain-themed expo, timely response to global needs
CISCE timely response to global demand for stability
Published: Nov 27, 2023 11:03 PM
Reception of the first China International Supply Chain Expo in Beijing, on June 8, 2023 Photo: courtesy of CCPIT

Reception of the first China International Supply Chain Expo in Beijing, on June 8, 2023 Photo: courtesy of CCPIT

The first China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) will kick off on Tuesday, gathering a number of Fortune Global 500 companies. 

The supply chain-themed expo is a timely response to the urgent needs of China and the world, aiming to promote cooperation in single fields such as trade and finance to achieve deeper integration and high-level industry chain development, analysts said.

A total of 515 companies from 55 countries and regions will participate in the event, which will be held in Beijing from Tuesday to December 2. The number of US exhibitors registered for the expo accounts 20 percent of the overseas exhibitors, which is much higher than expected, according to the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the organizer of the CISCE. 

Zhang Liang, market development manager at IEE, a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced sensing solutions headquartered in Luxembourg, told the Global Times on Monday that the company came to China, took root in China, and is focused on serving the Chinese market.

In 2006, IEE established a production base in Langfang, North China's Hebei Province. 

"We import production equipment and high-end raw materials from our European headquarters, and purchase raw materials such as PET substrates, wire harnesses and heating wires in China, which are made into products and sold to all over the world," Zhang said.

Jarvis Machinery Manufacturing (Beijing) Corp is a participant in the CISCE, a representative surnamed Chai told the Global Times on Monday.

"The participation in the expo is intended to tell our partners that in addition to providing high-quality products and services, Jarvis will continue to consolidate cooperation in China's industry chains," said Chai.

The company, which provides bone saw blades and other products to slaughtering and meat-cutting facilities, was established in Beijing in 2006 by Edge Manufacturing, a US manufacturer of cutting systems and blade processing equipment. 

Jarvis imports special steel from the US, processes it at the Beijing base, and then sells it to the global market, including China, which is a typical case of China-US industrial division of labor and cooperation, Chai said.

There are many changes intertwined in the world, and economic globalization is facing a countercurrent. Global business communities have a more urgent need for win-win cooperation, analysts said.

The restructuring of global industry chains is accelerating. Maintaining the stability and smooth flow of global industry and supply chains, and promoting the recovery and growth of the world economy, have drawn intense global attention, Gao Lingyun, an expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times on Monday.

"As the world's first national-level exhibition with the theme of supply chains, the holding of the CISCE reflects China's commitment to maintaining the stability and smooth flow of global industry and supply chains, and shows China's determination and confidence to firmly promote a high level of opening-up," said Gao.

Senior Chinese officials have stressed at various occasions that the world should maintain the security and stability of global industry and supply chains, make the pie of cooperation bigger, and deliver more benefits of development to the people of all countries.

Analysts said that China is committed to opening-up and firmly opposes any so-called decoupling moves, and it will continue guaranteeing smooth supply chains.