China remains on the side of ‘certainty’ in 2024: Global Times editorial
Published: Jan 02, 2024 12:18 AM
Striving for a prosperous 2024. Illustration: Liu Rui/ GT

Striving for a prosperous 2024. Illustration: Liu Rui/ GT

On New Year's Day 2024, the presidents of China and the US exchanged congratulatory messages to mark the 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries. The day before, the leaders of China and Russia also exchanged messages of New Year greetings. These two sets of relationships between major powers, which have an impact on the international landscape, started off 2024 in a friendly and goodwill manner. It is the common wish of many people that the peaceful atmosphere of the holiday can last longer and spread wider in 2024, and it should also be a common goal pursued by all countries in their diplomacy.

After years of continuous global turbulence, the desire for stability and security in people's hearts around the world has become even stronger. It has been noticed that in the New Year messages of leaders of major countries, two keywords "storm" and "unity" are commonly mentioned, indicating that countries around the world are generally aware that unity, rather than division, is the key to overcoming risks and uncertainties. True global unity, if it is not to be reduced to mere slogans, requires an effective platform for equal consultation and dialogue among countries, as well as public goods that help countries work together to address crises. In this regard, major powers, in particular, should set an example and demonstrate their ability to take action.

Many institutions and think tanks have made predictions about what the world will be like in 2024. Factors such as the US presidential election, the Israel-Palestine conflict, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and AI are generally classified as uncertainties. However, China's stability and development are placed in the category of certainties. China's diplomacy with Chinese characteristics revolves around the theme of peace and development. How it engages and contributes in 2024 will play a crucial role in shaping the global landscape. It is not an exaggeration to say that Chinese diplomacy has become one of the main sources of "stability" and "security" in the world.

This year's US presidential election is seen as a major uncertainty or source of tension by many countries, including Japan. How well the US can control itself will be a big question mark for the world in 2024, and it is also a prerequisite for managing the US-China relationship. As proven by facts, as long as China and the US can get along well according to the three principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation proposed by the Chinese side, the world situation can stabilize to a large extent, and the factors of instability will be greatly reduced. For the world, the extent to which the US can control itself also means the level of risks and challenges. It requires the international community to make preparations to hedge against it.

Of course, the US and the West is only a small part of the world in terms of population and area. The countries in the "Global South" have been very active in 2023, demonstrating stronger strategic autonomy as well as the willingness and ability to strengthen unity and coordination. The greater role and influence the "Global South" plays in global governance, the more the strategic monopoly of the US and the West can be diluted and constrained. As a member of the "Global South," China will make more efforts this year to unite the "Global South" and achieve common development. Additionally, China will enable more developing countries to conveniently share its development opportunities.

In 2024, China and the world will achieve deeper integration and mutual achievements. China's higher level of opening-up to the outside world will provide development opportunities for more countries, companies, and individuals. China's economy will continue to contribute to the recovery and development of the world economy. China's diplomacy will continue to adhere to principles, take a clear stance and stand firm on major issues concerning the future and development of humanity and the world. China will continue to advocate for fair and orderly world multipolarization and inclusive economic globalization, contributing Chinese wisdom and strength to the peace and development of the world.

As President Xi Jinping said, along the way, we are bound to encounter headwinds. When global challenges increase and intensify, all of humanity is in the same boat, facing the storms together. As the world changes, China is willing to actively contribute to peaceful development and win-win cooperation. It will also lead more countries and regions to promote overall stability in the world. Chinese people's full historical confidence in the global situation will inspire more confidence worldwide for the year 2024. This power, gathered from the hearts of people, will truly drive the direction of human development and progress. Despite dramatic changes in the world, justice will always prevail. The more challenges we face, the more imperative it is for us to break waves and forge ahead.