China, Nauru won’t set any limit on cooperation area: FM
Published: Jan 17, 2024 07:19 PM
Mao Ning profile photo Photo: official website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mao Ning profile photo Photo: official website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China and Nauru will not set any restrictions on cooperation areas, and the specific cooperation will be discussed and determined by both sides, said a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Wednesday when asked if the two countries will have security and police cooperation after resuming diplomatic ties. The spokesperson emphasized that the two countries will have cooperation in various fields based on equality, mutual respect, win-win, openness and inclusiveness. 

"Those accustomed to engaging in 'dollar diplomacy' should understand that there are things in the world that money cannot buy. The one-China Principle is an untradeable basic principle and a consensus of the international community," the ministry's spokesperson Mao Ning said during Wednesday's press conference when asked about a media report which cited so-called insiders and said Nauru's sudden severing of "diplomatic ties" with Taiwan was at the moment when Taiwan was evaluating and negotiating economic assistance to Nauru and the mainland took advantage of the situation. 

Mao said the Parliament of Nauru unanimously passed a resolution on Tuesday to support and confirm the government's decision to resume diplomatic relations with China, which once again fully demonstrates that the one-China principle is the will of the people and the trend of the times. 

"China is the world's second-largest economy. The resumption of diplomatic relations with China and the pragmatic cooperation with China will bring unprecedented development opportunities for Nauru," Mao said.

In response to when China and Nauru will respectively establish their embassies, Mao Ning said that relevant information regarding the specific arrangements for the resumption of diplomatic relations between China and Nauru will be released in due course. 

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