Former K-pop idol Han Geng reveals struggle with depression
Published: Jan 30, 2024 12:55 AM
Han Geng (right) performs in Beijing on November 6.Photo: CFP
Han Geng (right) performs in Beijing on November 6.Photo: CFP

 Former member of K-pop group Super Junior Han Geng recently sparked discussion among netizens after revealing in a recent interview that he had experienced bouts of severe depression during his "idol times."

In an interview with Phoenix TV released on Monday, Han opened up about the truth behind his return to China from South Korea. He disclosed that he struggled with suppressed emotions and eventually fell into depression during his time as an idol in South Korea, and had even contemplated suicide.

The candid revelation about his mental health struggles has ignited conversations about the challenges faced by celebrities, shedding light on the often undisclosed pressures within the entertainment industry.

Selected by SM Entertainment at the age of 17, Han officially debuted as a member of Super Junior in 2005 after over two years of training. With the support of the company, Super Junior gained immense popularity, becoming sensations across Asia.

But things took a downturn in 2009. Han tried to get out of his 13-year exclusive contract by suing SM Entertainment. According to a report from South China Morning Post in 2020, the singer said that his renal disease and gastritis were caused by an excessively demanding schedule. 

In late 2009, he made the decision to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment, parting ways with Super Junior. Han chose to return to China and pursue an independent career as a solo artist.

Upon his return, Han transitioned into acting, gaining recognition for his role as the male lead, Meng Yun, in the Chinese romantic film series Ex-Files