China’s acceptance of new Afghan ambassador ‘normal diplomatic arrangement’: FM spokesperson
Published: Jan 31, 2024 06:15 PM
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin Photo:

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin Photo:

China's acceptance of the appointment of the new Afghan ambassador to China by the interim government is a normal diplomatic arrangement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed on Wednesday, noting that the international community should strengthen communication with the country to jointly help promote its reconstruction and development.

The remarks were made by Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin during a regular press conference on Wednesday, in response to whether China formally recognizes the Afghan interim government.

Wang stated that China's policy toward Afghanistan has always been clear. As a traditional friendly neighbor of Afghanistan, China has consistently pursued a friendly diplomatic policy toward all Afghan people, maintaining diplomatic relations and cooperation in various fields with Afghanistan.

Wang said that China accepts the appointment of the new Afghan ambassador to China by the interim government and the submission of the letter of credence, which is a normal diplomatic arrangement.

The spokesperson stated the hope that the international community will strengthen contact and communication with the Afghan interim government, encourage it to actively respond to international concerns, and jointly help Afghanistan promote reconstruction and development, as well as support Afghanistan in combating terrorist forces, and make a positive contribution to regional peace, stability, and prosperity.

Wang added that China has always believed that Afghanistan should not be excluded from the international community. China hopes that Afghanistan will further respond to the expectations of the international community, build an open and inclusive political structure, implement moderate and prudent domestic and foreign policies, resolutely combat various terrorist forces, and maintain friendly relations with countries around the world, especially neighboring countries, so as to integrate into the international community at an early date.

With stronger responses to various concerns, the diplomatic recognition of the Afghan government will be a natural outcome, Wang noted.

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