China's cross-departmental joint working group, embassy mourn deceased compatriots in Pakistan
Published: Mar 30, 2024 11:03 AM
Members of a Chinese cross-departmental joint working group and Chinese diplomats in Pakistan on Friday mourned the five Chinese nationals killed in a terrorist attack while visiting a hospital here.

Laying flowers to their portraits, head of the joint working group Bai Tian and Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Jiang Zaidong led all the personnel to stand in silence and bow three times.

Ma Mingwei, head of a working group from Energy China and China Gezhouba Group Corporation, said that the five demised compatriots are excellent representatives of the company's overseas projects and witnesses of China-Pakistan friendship. Their sacrifice have enriched the deep China-Pakistan friendship.

Bai, also chief of the Department of External Security Affairs of the Chinese foreign ministry, and Jiang conveyed the care and solicitude of the Chinese government to the company's workers, encouraging them to work together to overcome the difficulties.

Five Chinese and one Pakistani national were killed on Tuesday in a terrorist attack on the way to the Dasu Hydropower Project in northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province from Islamabad.