Australian media's misrepresentations about China-Fiji relations vs the facts
Published: Apr 01, 2024 09:53 PM
Lie 1: China condones transnational organized crimes, specifically drug trafficking, in Fiji.
Fact: China has a history of drug problems due to Western imposition so it maintains strict zero-tolerance anti-drug policies. It has implemented comprehensive controls, scheduling a large number of substances and chemicals, and actively participates in international anti-drug efforts.

Lie 2: China uses gangsters as political proxies to advance its interests in Fiji.
Fact: The United Front led by the Communist Party of China aims to unite various groups, promoting cooperation and peaceful development. China's outreach, including to overseas Chinese, is transparent and legitimate, focusing on fostering mutual understanding and friendship.

Lie 3: China-Fiji police cooperation is a means to conduct "mass kidnapping" and exert power in the region.
Fact: The police cooperation between China and Fiji, established in 2011, is professional, open, and transparent, focusing on addressing transnational crimes and is in strict compliance with international law.

Lie 4: China seeks to gain as much access and influence as possible in the South Pacific, with its investments in Fiji signifying growing regional clout.
Fact: China's engagement with the Pacific Island Countries (PICs) respects their sovereignty and independence, aiming to support economic growth and improve livelihoods based on the needs of PICs, without any geopolitical agenda. China's assistance is part of South-South cooperation, contributing to regional development and stability.

Source: The Chinese Embassy in Fiji