Person sentenced 126 months for impersonating national security officer; case details released
Published: Apr 23, 2024 01:13 PM
state security Photo: CFP

Photo: CFP

China’s Ministry of State Security on Tuesday released details of a case involving an individual impersonating a national security officer to deceive and defraud others, aiming to raise public awareness in safeguarding national security.

In January 2023, Chen was reported by the public for committing fraud and deception. As a result, he was sentenced to 10 years and six months in prison, and fined 200,000 yuan ($27,606), according to the ministry.

Frustrated with his lack of social status, Chen made the decision to impersonate a national security officer. Chen believed that adopting this false identity would make him appear more mysterious and earn respect from those around him. 

In February 2022, Chen began presenting himself as the “director” of a division of the Xiamen national security bureau. In November, fisherman Yang (pseudonym) was referred to Chen by a friend. Yang sought Chen’s help in recovering his fishing boat, which had been seized for engaging in illegal electric fishing. Despite Yang paying 200,000 yuan to Chen, he was still pursued by authorities for illegal fishing.

Another victim is businessman Lin (pseudonym), who was arrested for gambling. Chen promised Lin’s family that he could help them obtain bail and receive “special treatment,” but instead, Lin’s family was cheated out of 1.55 million yuan. In addition, Chen also used the same tactic to swindle money and valuable items from other victims.

Chen, who discovered a way to earn more money, began living a lavish lifestyle. He manipulated three female victims, winning their trust and even involving them in his illegal endeavors.

Online anchor Xiaowen (pseudonym) met Chen at a party. They began dating soon afterward, while Chen intentionally showed “police cars” and “official documents” in videos, leading Xiaowen to believe that Chen was actually a government official. 

The ministry warned that any attempt to impersonate national security agencies or officers, unlawfully possessing and using police badges, uniforms, weapons, or engaging in deceitful activities will face severe legal consequences.

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