China’s state security authorities warn overseas personnel of potential spy recruitment
Published: May 10, 2024 03:00 PM
Spy Photo: VCG

Photo: VCG

China's Ministry of State Security issued an article on Friday warning Chinese nationals stationed overseas to be aware of "friendly" individuals who usually focus on key groups of overseas personnel using various methods to approach, gather intelligence, and infiltrate and recruit.

China's international economic and trade cooperation has led to the expansion of enterprises and projects overseas, contributing to the growth of the global economy. Foreign intelligence agencies have long been coveting the internal information of the high-tech industry-leading companies, and they are good at using manipulative tactics to lure Chinese nationals stationed overseas, according to the ministry.

The tactics involve creating chance encounters and initiating conversations to gain the target's favor and trust by acting helpful and approachable. By catering to the target's interests, these "friendly" personnel regularly deepen emotional connections with the target to win their trust, said the ministry.

After jumping into the traps, some Chinese nationals stationed overseas may lack vigilance and disclose state secrets, and some may be coerced into betraying national interests, and even some may willingly become accomplices to foreign intelligence agencies, posing a threat to national security, according to state security authorities.

The national security authorities remind Chinese nationals stationed overseas for long periods of time to maintain a calm and rational attitude in their interactions with others in order to avoid risks.

Chinese nationals stationed overseas working in sensitive enterprises are especially a valuable resource for foreign spies to obtain first-hand information. These personnel must fully recognize the importance, sensitivity, and confidentiality of their positions and the information they possess, the ministry noted in the article. "This is both a protection of national security and a responsibility for personal safety."

The revised Counter-Espionage Law took effect on July 1, 2023. If someone is coerced or deceived into joining an espionage or hostile organization overseas and engaging in activities that harm national security, they should promptly explain the situation to the Chinese diplomatic missions abroad. They should report it to the national security authorities directly or through their employer and show repentance after entering the country. In such cases, they may not be held accountable, according to the revised law.

In April, the ministry unveiled 10 notorious spy cases in a special documentary film, revealing the devious tactics used by foreign intelligence agencies for infiltration, theft, and incitement.

Global Times