No fraud, says police revealing the case of man committing suicide after breakup and huge sums of transfer
Published: May 20, 2024 03:38 AM
Netizens purchased items through a takeaway platform in memory of the man at the Yangtze River Bridge in Southwest China's Chongqing Province on May 6, 2024. Photo: VCG

Netizens purchased items through a takeaway platform in memory of the man at the Yangtze River Bridge in Southwest China's Chongqing on May 6, 2024. Photo: VCG

Following the death of a man who jumped to his death from the Yangtze River Bridge in Southwest China's Chongqing after a breakup, with a series of screenshots alluding to the fact that he might have been lured into transferring large sums of money to his ex-girlfriend during their relationship, Chongqing police on Sunday released investigation results of the incident, reaffirming the couple's relationship and stating that his ex-girlfriend did not commit fraud.

The man, known as Pangmao on the internet, sent his ex-girlfriend, surnamed Tan, nearly 66,000 yuan ($9,135) and noted it as "voluntary gift" on April 10, and jumped into the river after sending a message to Tan saying that "our relationship is ended" in the early hours of April 11. After widespread concern from netizens, Pangmao's sister, surnamed Liu, called the police on his ex-girlfriend, accusing her of money fraud.

According to the release, the two started their relationship in 2021 and opened a flower shop together in December 2023, with Pangmao contributing 70,000 yuan to the business and Tan operating the shop. After going through a number of breakups and getting back together during their relationship, they finally broke up in April this year.

After checking the transfer of money between the two sides, the police ascertained that the two parties had a relationship of more than two years, had visited each other's relatives and friends, and had financial dealings. Tan did not commit the act of fictionalizing or concealing the truth to obtain property in the name of a relationship, so the case did not constitute fraud.

The police also informed Liu's behavior of releasing Tan's private messages, transferring and other personal information, and registering another account to guide the comments from social media platforms to expose Tan's relevant address and other information. Liu had also contacted a number of people with her sister to write copy on behalf of the discussion of how to win the sympathy of netizens, resulting in Tan receiving a large number of abusive and threatening text messages.

Liu has acknowledged her illegal mistake and the police will deal with it according to the law on the basis of further investigation, according to the release. 

After this incident came to light and triggered heated debates across the Internet in April, many caring people went to the Yangtze River Bridge to deliver takeaways of food as well as flowers. However, some netizens found a large number of empty box packages and the use of plain water as milk tea in these takeaways.

The staff from the local market supervision administration received a number of phone calls to reflect these matters during the time, and involved food brands had apologized and investigated the situation. 

Some netizens expressed shock at the reversal of events after the publish of the release on Sunday, while expressing gratitude to the police for "giving the farce a chance to come to the truth."

The police department made a decision not to file a case in accordance with the law on May 11, and Liu acknowledged the decision. At the same time, Tan returned the full amount of the difference in financial transactions that were made during the relationship with Pangmao. 

Ending the release, the police said It is heartbreaking that a life has been lost so tragically.

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