UK defense chief's concern over China-Russia ties 'groundless', for the sake of attracting attention
Published: May 20, 2024 09:11 PM
Britain's Defence Secretary Grant Shapps arrives to 10 Downing Street in central London on May 15, 2024.Photo: AFP

Britain's Defence Secretary Grant Shapps arrives to 10 Downing Street in central London on May 15, 2024.Photo: AFP

UK politicians such as its defense chief are increasingly launching groundless accusations against China and Russia, said Chinese analysts on Monday as the UK defense secretary Grant Shapps claimed that he was concerned about the strengthening China-Russia diplomatic ties as "it posed a threat to democracy." 

There are many politicians in the Western world, especially in countries like the US and the UK, who have no idea what they are talking about and have not enough knowledge to make comments on many issues but dare to make them so that they can attract attention, and this makes China very unwilling to fix ties with them and stabilize existing tense relations, said some experts.

Shapps said on Sunday during an interview with Sky News, "I'm extremely concerned about this (strengthening China-Russia ties)".

"If you have that situation, and they are trying to spread their system to the rest of the world, we must see and have our eyes wide open that that is a direct threat to our way of life," Shapps said, according to media reports. 

Cui Hongjian, a professor with the Academy of Regional and Global Governance at Beijing Foreign Studies University, told the Global Times on Monday, "Whether from the joint statement or the interactions between the top leaders, we have never seen any evidence that proves that China and Russia have plans to 'spread their systems' to the world."

"I don't know where the British politician gets such an idea. Where does it come from?" Cui noted. 

A Beijing-based expert on international relations who asked for anonymity said that in recent years, many politicians from the UK and the US, be they cabinet members or lawmakers, "love to make comments on issues that they have completely no idea about." 

"This is getting normal, and the Western media is helping them to fool their domestic audience and spread hatred and hostility against specific nations and cause xenophobia and discrimination against foreigners and immigrants from some countries. If Shapps really cares about democracy, he should look at this and realize that they are the ones making their democracy sick, not China or Russia," the expert told the Global Times.

Cui echoed the view, saying that "recently, some voices from British politicians and media are shaping a very unhealthy atmosphere in the field of public opinion against China." He added that bilateral relations are still not on the right track, and the attitude shown by the UK side makes China have a low desire to fix bilateral ties.

China has always emphasized that it doesn't want to export ideology and will not spread its system to other countries, but is open to providing its development experience to other countries, and what we want is actually the sharing of experience, and it is totally unnecessary for the UK to have any concerns based on misunderstanding or prejudice, analysts said. 

Cui said that by stigmatizing China and poisoning its ties with China, UK politicians are actually trying to legitimize their hostile actions against China in the future, because if they successfully make their public believe that "China is the bad guy" then "we can do whatever we want to China because China is different," and it seems like this is what those UK politicians are trying to do.