Culture Beat: ‘Moon Phases’ series from knighted painter Le Brun debuts in Beijing
Published: May 20, 2024 10:22 PM
British artist Sir Christopher Le Brun Photo: Courtesy of Lisson Beijing

British artist Sir Christopher Le Brun Photo: Courtesy of Lisson Beijing

With a total of five oil paintings on display, the solo exhibition of British artist Sir Christopher Le Brun debuted at the Lisson Gallery's Beijing venue, Lisson Beijing. 

The exhibition is titled Phases of the Moon. Although Le Brun's oeuvre for the show does not attempt an ambitious quantity of paintings, those on display still define the very latest creative expressions from the painter. The piece called January Just was only completed several months ago. 

January Just, a classic oil-on-canvas diptych, continues Le Brun's constant art exploration in abstract painting. The art piece delivers the melodic aesthetics of classical music through the building of its structure and substance. Le Brun, 72, a creator who is veteran with different materials like oil and watercolor, said that classic music has also been a reference for his painting since he was a young artist. 

Photo: Courtesy of Lisson Beijing

Photo: Courtesy of Lisson Beijing

Besides January Just, Le Brun's other pieces on display are Lontano 2023, Phases of the Moon II 2023, Tidings 2023 and Promenade 2023.

At the recent opening event of his 2024 China exhibition, Le Brun generously revealed interesting details about his creative journey making the collection to visitors. Other than using brushes, he has experimented with painting directly from tubes, allowing the aesthetic textures created by metal scratches to highlight the emotions in his art. The lighting of his studios has also guided the painter to explore the spatiality represented on his canvas. 

Prior to the 2024 show in Beijing, several of the artist's shows have been launched in China including at Lisson Shanghai in 2019, and another solo exhibition at The Red Brick Art Museum in 2021.

Internationally celebrated since the 1980s, Le Brun has several other titles besides an artist. He was the president of the Royal Academy of Arts in London from 2011 to 2019. In 2021, he was awarded a knighthood for services to the Arts during the 2021 New Year Honors.