Four held accountable for Beijing subway construction site collapse detained by police: media report
Published: Jun 11, 2024 05:18 PM
Handcuffs Photo: CFP

Handcuffs Photo: CFP

Four people held accountable for a construction accident at a Beijing subway construction site in January resulting in one death have been detained by the local police for illegal work practices and inadequate safety management, the Beijing Daily reported on Tuesday.

According to an investigation report released in May on the collapse accident occurred on the construction site of the Beijing metro Line 3 on January 18, a worker surnamed Tian was suffocated to death after being buried in sand during construction works.

The investigation team determined that this accident was a production safety liability accident caused by the construction workers' illegal operation and inadequate safety management by the responsible units.

Two out-sourcing companies were held accountable for the accident and were suggested to give administrative punishment.

The investigation team pointed out that four management staff from the two companies were responsible for the accident, and were suggested to be handed over to judicial organs for pursual.

The investigation report into the incident showed that the tragedy involved illegally organizing construction, a cover, and illegal transport of a dead body, among other serious criminal acts.

Following the collapse, three of Tian’s coworkers rushed to the scene to find their friend and attempted to dig with tools and rescue Tian who was buried under sand. However none of them called emergency departments.

One of the suspects surnamed Wang reported the accident to the company manager, surnamed Li, who did not report the accident to the department responsible for the supervision and administration of workplace safety.

Furthermore, in order to cover up the accident, Wang attempted to transport Tian’s body to neighboring Hebei Province, before he was stopped by local police who received a tipoff from Tian’s relatives.

The Beijing public transportation police revealed that the four suspects Li, Chen, He and Wang have been placed under criminal detention as the case is further handled by authorities, according to the Beijing Daily.

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