Knife attack suspect in Suzhou should be condemned; majority of Chinese people favor friendly China-Japan relations
Published: Jun 25, 2024 11:52 PM
Handcuffs Photo: CFP

Photo: VCG

On the afternoon of Monday, a knife attack occurred in China's Suzhou High-Tech Zone, resulting in three injuries, one Chinese and two Japanese nationals. According to Japanese media reports, the two Japanese individuals were a mother and son who were preparing to take the school bus to a local Japanese school. There are many Japanese companies in Suzhou, so there is a Japanese school. The report stated that after the suspect attacked the mother and her son, he got on the school bus and attempted to continue the attack but was bravely stopped by a Chinese woman responsible for school bus guidance, who was seriously injured. The police report said the woman is still undergoing treatment, one of the injured Japanese individuals is still receiving treatment with no life-threatening injuries, and the other was discharged on the same day.

First, I condemn this attack, regardless of the perpetrator's motives or whether they intentionally targeted Japanese people. If the perpetrator's intention was indeed to target Japanese people, such motives should be condemned in Chinese society. While there may be some "anti-Japanese sentiment" on the internet, this does not mean that our society supports taking extreme actions against Japanese people in China. The vast majority of Chinese people not only firmly support upholding the rule of law but also hope for peaceful and friendly relations between China and Japan, strengthening various exchanges and cooperation, and generally welcoming Japanese nationals working, traveling, and living in China. This mainstream attitude is unshakable.

Second, I agree with the judgment of the Chinese authorities that the stabbing incident in Suzhou is an isolated case in Chinese society. Just like the previous incident in Jilin Province, where a perpetrator attacked multiple Americans, these incidents do not represent any broader trend. They are isolated incidents in the larger context and should not be exaggerated in their significance. Similar cases of foreigners being victims occur in other countries and societies, some specifically targeting foreigners. It should not be extrapolated endlessly, just because this incident happened in Suzhou.

In this incident, the Chinese woman on the school bus suffered the most serious injuries while trying to prevent the attacker and is still undergoing treatment. The woman on the scene reflects the kindness of the vast majority of Chinese people and our collective attitude toward violence.

Finally, netizens need to understand that the current relationship between China and Japan is relatively tense and complex. At this time, an incident involving Japanese people will have a more sensitive impact compared to when China and Japan have good relations. Therefore, not only will the law punish the criminals severely, but we also need to make it clear online that our society condemns such violent acts. This will help to expand international understanding of the mainstream friendly attitude toward foreign countries in our society.

The author is a Chinese media professional. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn