Education museum launches at Beijing Normal University Zhuhai campus
Published: Jul 01, 2024 11:44 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Normal University

Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Normal University

The School of Future Design of Beijing Normal University hosted the launch ceremony for the Chinese Art Education Textbook Museum at its Zhuhai campus.

The museum's exhibits, spanning from 1904 to the present, focus on key milestones in educational reform. The collection includes 4,500 items such as textbooks, teaching aids, teacher guides, student assignments, manuscript drafts, historical publishing documents, teaching standards, curricula, posters, slides, and various projection and teaching tools. This comprehensive display chronicles over 120 years of basic art education development in China.

Gao Peng, dean of the School of Future Design, described the school as a new-concept design institution where the entire teaching space serves as a design museum, offering continuous learning opportunities for students and faculty.

The museum, scheduled for completion by the end of this year, will not only serve as a display and research center but will also host a series of public activities and educational programs. It plans to invite art educators and students from across the country to visit and learn.

To further enhance the quality of basic art education, the museum intends to establish long-term partnerships with renowned international art institutions, promoting academic exchange and collaborative research. This initiative aims to integrate advanced international art education concepts and practices, driving reform and innovation in Chinese art education.