West Lake treats sightseers to free TCM herbal tea, winning acclaim from visitors
Published: Jul 10, 2024 05:59 PM
Photo: Screenshot from media reports

Photo: Screenshot from media reports

In the picturesque city of Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang Province, the well-known tourist attraction the West Lake - known as "a paradise on earth" - now treats visitors to a free selection of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) herbal tea. This news has immediately ignited the social media, becoming a hot topic of discussion.

Starting from July 6, volunteers have been serving free herbal tea for tourists at the West Lake, which offers special "coolness" to sightseers and frontline workers, at 10 permanent locations within the lake, and three temporary stalls in the parking lots.

The service will continue until October 7, covering a total of 95 days. 

Each tea drink formula is carefully prepared by TCM practitioners, consisting of wolfberry, chrysanthemum, tangerine peel, red dates, and other ingredients. The drinks often have a mellow taste and a fragrant aroma, which are also helpful in harnessing human body and improving health.

One of Zhejiang's famous TCM practitioner, Wan Xiaoqing, was quoted by local media as saying that many of the free herbal teas are derived from classic Chinese medicine formulas and they are safe and suitable for human consumption. 

Weng Yunyi, a staff worked at the West Lake scenic area, explained that this year's herbal tea stalls have been upgraded with the scenic area jointly launching different health tea drinks based on the changes in ancient Chinese solar terms. 

The special TCM herbal tea treat is undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for tourists. The news of "West Lake treats visitors to free TCM herbal tea" quickly sparked vehement discussions on social media, with many netizens sharing photos and videos of themselves enjoying the tea at the West Lake. 

Now, visitors are frequently spotted, holding tea cups, leaning on the railing to gaze into the distance, strolling along the lakeside, or sitting on the ground, savoring the tea fragrance, and enjoying the serene West Lake. The scenes will certainly enhance the popularity of the West Lake.

Global Times