Rioters leave a mess at the No.2 bridge leading to CUHK

At the No.2 bridge that leads to the CUHK campus, rioters have left rubbish and created a mess. More than 1,000 masked men had entered the CUHK campus, disrupting the university's operations in the past few days.

Houston Rockets GM supports HK rioters, irritating Chinese netizens

The general manager of NBA team Houston Rockets posted a tweet on Saturday, saying he stands with Hong Kong rioters to fight for freedom, which angered Chinese netizens who demanded the team fires him.

HKers commemorate 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC

About a hundred of young people working in Hong Kong gathered at the Golden Bauhinia Square on Tuesday to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.Photos: Zhao Juecheng/GT

HK residents muster in support of local teacher assaulted by radical protesters

Hundreds of HK residents congregated at the atrium of Amoy Plaza on Saturday afternoon in support of a local teacher surnamed Lee who was allegedly roughed up by radical protesters on Wednesday for singing the Chinese national anthem at the plaza.

People chorus Chinese national anthem in Hong Kong to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

People participate in a flash mob at Olympian City in Hong Kong, south China, Sep 13, 2019. People chorused the Chinese national anthem during a flash mob in Hong Kong to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival on Friday.

Hong Kong Disneyland appears to lose luster following ongoing protests

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, as one of the most popular tourist attractions for Chinese mainland tourists, appears to have lost its luster. Though quite a few people patronized the resort on Tuesday, no sign of crowded queues were spotted, let alone many mainland travelers. Three months of violent protests have pushed the city toward chaos. Photos: Li Qiaoyi/GT