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China will not succumb even if US companies all leave China

Westerners & Hongkongers' prejudiced attitude toward Chinese mainland laws could cause big jokes

With more of attacks from external forces, China's endurance has also soared

It's possible for US to use other means as bargaining chips to strengthen its status in negotiation

There is no doubt that US is partly responsible for the unrest in Hong Kong

US lacks the ability to influence Beijing's attitude toward HK's situation

It is sad to see how Hong Kong is degenerating

HK's color revolution is not for regime change, but to make HK an anti-China front

India needs a friendly neighborhood, but India is too reckless and arrogant

HK police hold a firm loyalty to the rule of law, and patriotic forces are breaking the silence

The West adopts policies that connive with India, providing it with confidence in radical actions

That US senators warn Beijing but never warn HK protesters means they're encouraging violence in HK