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Porn appears at comics, game expo

The China International Comics Games Expo (CCG) brought in city government authorities Sunday to help crack down on illicit exhibitors after local media reported that some vendors were selling pornographic and pirated products, the event's organizer said.
Source: Global Times | 2013/7/14 22:28:02

Dressed to kill and thrill

The past weekend saw more than 100,000 people pouring into the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center where the 9th China International Comics Games Expo (CCG Expo) had been dazzling and entertaining from last Thursday to Monday.
Source: Global Times | 2013/7/15 18:03:01

Local artists shine at HK Ani-Com & Games fair

In Hong Kong, the Ani-Com & Games Fair may have ended, but the excitement lingers on. In an exhibition overwhelmed by American and Japanese comic heroes, visitors can find some local Chinese exhibitors, who are eager to promote their ideas.
Source: | 2013/8/4 10:12:18

Comic swap

On the shelves of most bookstores lies a category that cannot be ignored - comics. They tell stories in still pictures, combining the art of drawing with literature. The adapted films and costume trends spawned from these books reflect the great influence and enthusiasm they can inspire.
Source: Global Times | 2013/9/2 19:13:01

Batman's crime-ridden metropolis Gotham comes to Fox TV

Batman's gritty fictional metropolis of Gotham City will be the focus of a new Fox drama, the latest comic book-inspired series to tap super­heroes' ability to draw audiences to both film and TV.
Source: Reuters | 2013/9/26 19:03:01

Rider of the storm

The inspiration of many successful films, animated series and TV shows, Hong Kong comic creator Ma Wing-shing's Storm Riders and other series will be honored during the retrospective The Birth of a Hero - Exhibition of Ma Wing-shing's Comic Works running through October 20 at the Comix Home Base in Hong Kong.
Source: Global Times | 2013/10/10 18:43:01

New York Comic Con vendors evolve as events proliferate

This year's New York Comic Con might not look that different from years past: costumed fans, panels of pop culture luminaries and a sprawling floor of vendors and artists.
Source: Reuters | 2013/10/13 18:13:01

Translating the classics

“Why do they both feel like gay love stories?” Nicolas Henry joked to his publisher, Xu Gefei, after he finished translating into his native French the Chinese comic book (lianhuanhua) versions of Water Margin and Romance of the Three Kingdoms, two of the “Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.”
Source: Global Times | 2014/1/8 18:43:01

China launches "Spring Wawa" design competition overseas, promotes spring festival culture

A Chinese cartoon company on Thursday launched a comic design competition in South Korea for collecting a cartoon character "Spring Wawa", which means "a doll of the Spring Festival" in Chinese, to represent culture of China's lunar new year.
Source: Xinhua | 2014/3/14 8:42:34

It's all Chinese to one French stand-up comic

Bad timing, jokes that fall flat or an audience that just doesn't get it; such occupational hazards can lead to a slow, painful "stage death" for a stand-up comic.
Source: AFP | 2014/4/3 20:58:02

Overseas Chinese artist launches book on ancient Slovenian astronomer

A comic book featuring ancient Slovenian astronomer Ferdinand Avgustin Hallerstein was launchd here on Thursday, which is hailed as a promoter to the cultural exchanges between China and Slovenia.
Source: Xinhua | 2014/4/11 9:45:31

Animamix back for MoCA show

When the first Animamix Biennale was held at MoCA Shanghai, it showcased works from the worlds of animation and comics by nearly 100 artists from some 10 countries.
Source: Global Times | 2014/4/13 19:28:02