Trade between China and other BRICS countries in 2016

China maintains favorable trade balance with India, Russia in 2016, unfavorable with Brazil, South Africa.

China’s SMEs report rising profits for 2016

1,598 listed SMEs in China reported average net profits of $3.05 million in 2016, up 26.29% y-o-y.

2017/4/10 17:16:54

Asia’s largest manganese reserve discovered in SW China

Asia’s largest manganese ore reserve discovered in SW China’s Guizhou Province, estimated output $14.5b.

2017/4/9 17:05:57

China world’s biggest gold producer 10 years straight, producing 453.49 tons in 2016

China remains world’s biggest gold producer for 10 straight years, top gold consumer for 4 years.

2017/4/6 18:58:09

How much will China’s government spend in 2017?

China’s government spending is projected to reach 2959.5 billion yuan in 2017, 35% to national defense.

2017/4/5 18:54:02