Figures you might want to know on World Population Day

By 2100, the world's population will reach 11.2 billion. (UN prediction)

2017/7/11 18:19:34

China-ASEAN economic and trade cooperation remains strong

China-ASEAN economic, trade co-op remains strong as trade volume hits $452.2 billion, bilateral investment tops $183 billion.

2017/7/10 18:08:08

Half of world's top 20 container ports in 2017 are in China: CAS projections

Half of world's top 20 container ports in 2017 are in China, according to a forecast report published ...

2017/7/9 17:33:46

G20 Summit in Hamburg (In numbers)

The group, home to almost two-thirds of the world's population, accounts for more than 80 percent of gross ...

2017/7/6 17:39:03

China-Germany tourist arrivals in 2016

Tourist arrivals in China from Germany reached 625,000 in 2016, making Germany the biggest source of travelers to ...

2017/7/5 18:43:28

China-Germany bilateral trade volume reaches $162.6b in 2016

China was Germany's biggest trade partner in 2016 – total bilateral trade volume reached $162.6b.

2017/7/4 18:38:34

China-Russia bilateral trade volume in 2016

China is Russia's biggest source of imports and second largest trade partner.

2017/7/3 17:21:49

President Xi Jinping to visit Russia and Germany, attend G20 summit

Xi will pay state visits to Russia and Germany from July 3 to 6, and attend the 12th ...

2017/7/2 18:02:43

Hong Kong's top 10 major trade partners in 2016

The Chinese mainland remained Hong Kong's largest trade partner in 2016 with a bilateral trade volume of $494.62 ...

2017/6/29 18:30:29

Mainland tourists spent $23.84 billion in Hong Kong in 2016

Over 20% of mainland tourists' total expenditure on outbound tourism was spent in HK in 2016, totaling $23.84 ...

2017/6/28 18:11:19

Visitor arrivals between Hong Kong and the mainland (1997-2016)

Visitor arrivals between Hong Kong and the mainland totaled about 123.9 million in 2016, almost triple the amount ...

2017/6/27 17:52:51

Mainland enterprises listed in Hong Kong

The number of mainland enterprises listed in Hong Kong increased by nine times in the past 20 years; ...

2017/6/26 17:49:31