Sichuan-Tibet Railway: China builds world's most challenging railway

From the Sichuan Basin to the "Roof of the World", the Sichuan-Tibet railway will go over 21 snowcapped mountains, cross 14 major rivers and ascend an accumulated 16,000m, making it the world's most challenging railway construction.

Chinese universities lead 2018 rankings for BRICS universities

7 Chinese universities ranked in top 10 in QS 2018 rankings for BRICS universities.

2017/11/23 16:52:36

China-Djibouti see sustained trade growth 2010-2016

China-Djibouti trade in 2016 five times than in 2010, seeing sustained growth

2017/11/22 19:05:53

China gains $1.7 trillion in total wealth 2016-17: report

China saw 163,000 new millionaires in 2016-17, gained $1.7 trillion in total wealth, second worldwide: Credit Suisse

2017/11/22 18:12:30

China home to most industrial robots, lags behind world average density

China supplied 87,000 industrial robots worldwide in 2016, still lags behind world average density.

2017/11/21 19:15:30

China-Panama trade increases after establishing diplomatic ties in June

After years of sharp decline, China-Panama trade spikes after establishing diplomatic ties in June

2017/11/16 19:39:48

China-Zimbabwe trade (2010-16)

As of 2016, China is Zimbabwe's 4th largest trading partner, largest source of investment.

2017/11/15 19:31:32

China ranks first on world's top 500 fastest supercomputers list

China overtakes US as first on world's top 500 supercomputer list with 40 percent

2017/11/14 19:07:04

Sino-Laos economic and trade ties see sound growth

China's trade with Laos increased 25.1% y-o-y in first 9 months 2017. China's investment accounted for 25.2% of ...

2017/11/10 18:24:55

Business achievements during Trump's China visit

Chinese, US companies sign over $250 billion business deals during Trump's visit to China.

2017/11/9 19:28:46

China-Vietnam trade (2012-16)

China remains Vietnam's biggest trading partner in first nine months of 2017, Vietnam became China's largest ASEAN trading ...

2017/11/9 18:55:28

Interactions between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump

Trump, who will pay a state visit to China from Nov 8 to 10, will be the first ...

2017/11/7 21:51:53

China-US trade from 2007-16

Despite a drop in 2009, 2013 and 2016, China's favorable balance of trade saw overall increase.

2017/11/2 19:40:59