CPPCC National Committee members by the numbers

Non-Party members account for 60.2% of the total 2158 representatives; all 56 ethnic groups in China are represented.

2018/3/2 16:04:21

Chinese local govts lower 2018 economic growth target

A large number of local govts lower 2018 GDP growth target in latest annual work reportS, as China ...

2018/1/25 18:14:13

China and France sign various bilateral cooperation agreements during Macron's visit

Emmanuel Macron says his China visit achieves fruitful results. See these deals focused on various fields, like aviation, ...

2018/1/11 19:28:33

Number of registered overseas NGOs in China

305 overseas NGOs have been registered in China since its first law on overseas #NGO activities took effect ...

2018/1/2 21:37:55

Christmas is coming! Here are some fun facts about Santa!

How many reindeer does Santa have? How old is Santa? Why does Santa dress in red? Check out ...

2017/12/21 19:10:59

Cross-border yuan settlement in Xinjiang grows 50-fold in seven years

Cross-border yuan settlement in China's Xinjiang reaches 39 billion in Nov, grows 50-fold in seven years

2017/12/20 19:28:56

China leads in R&D investment, growth rate triples world average: European Commission

China's R&D investment grew 18.8% in 2016/17, Huawei takes sixth on Top 50 R&D investors: European Commission

2017/12/19 18:47:09

China home to most gold production in 2016, slight increase in reserves over past decade

China produced 455 tons of gold in 2016, followed by Australia, Russia, US

2017/12/14 18:48:15

China takes 40% of Top 20 Asia-Pacific business schools: FT

China takes 40% of Top 20 Asia-Pacific business schools, followed by #India, Australia, Singapore: FT

2017/12/12 19:17:58

China's e-commerce retail over 40% of global market in 2016, doubles US

China's e-commerce retail over 40% of global market in 2016, doubles US.

2017/12/6 19:05:04

China's top 500 enterprises by market capitalization in 2017

Minimum market cap of China's top 500 enterprises grew 7 times over the past decade.

2017/12/5 19:39:51

India moves up on Prosperity Index in 2017, narrows gap with China: Legatum Prosperity Index

India only BRICS country to climb Legatum Prosperity Index ranking in 2017, China remains steady, while South Africa, ...

2017/11/30 18:46:50