Xi to visit Greece, attend BRICS Summit in Brazil

Chinese President Xi Jinping left Beijing on Nov 10 for a state visit to Greece and to attend the 11th BRICS summit in Brazil. Stay up to date with his schedule here.

Highlights of China's national defense white paper

China on Wednesday issued its first comprehensive national defense white paper since 2012. The document, for the first ...

2019/7/24 19:57:24

Li Peng dies at 91

Li Peng, former chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, died of illness in Beijing at the ...

2019/7/23 23:31:48

The formation and evolution of the coexistence of multiple religions in Xinjiang

The history of Xinjiang shows that multiple religions have long coexisted there, with one or two predominant. The ...

2019/7/21 18:07:40

Xinjiang has never been “East Turkistan”

Never in Chinese history has Xinjiang been referred to as “East Turkistan”, and there has never been any ...

2019/7/21 16:27:03

How did Uyghur ethnic group form in history?

Uyghurs are not Turk descendants. The Uyghur ethnic group came into being through a long process of migration ...

2019/7/21 15:09:23

Xi to pay state visit to North Korea

Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to North Korea from June 20 to 21. This ...

2019/6/19 17:59:05

Bilateral trade between China and Tajikistan

Bilateral trade between China and Tajikistan rose over 9% in 2018. China is Tajikistan's 3rd largest trading partner ...

2019/6/14 16:35:11

Bilateral trade between China and Kyrgyzstan

China is Kyrgyzstan's largest trading partner and largest source of investment. During the 2019 SCO Business Forum in ...

2019/6/12 20:49:15

Agenda: Xi's central Asia tour

Chinese President Xi Jinping's upcoming tour to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan from June 12 to 16 will guide China's ...

2019/6/11 19:55:47

US overstates trade deficit with China by more than 200 billion dollars: report

Does US really have an annual $500 billion-plus trade deficit with China? The real number is only less ...

2019/6/7 15:13:15

Timeline: Highlights of China-Russia Ties

Highlights of China-Russia Ties

2019/6/6 19:57:05

Belt and Road in Numbers: China-Europe freight trains made over 14,000 trips

As a significant BRI infrastructural link, China-Europe freight trains, connecting 62 Chinese cities with 51 European cities in ...

2019/4/26 12:59:22