Key messages signaled from President Xi's New Year inspection tours

For the seventh year in a row after the 18th National Congress of the CPC, from 2013 to 2019, President Xi's New Year inspection tours insist on delivering the latest signals about the focus and priorities of government work.

China - Africa trade (2009-17)

The FOCAC Beijing summit will kick off on Sept 3. In 2017, the China-Africa trade volume reached $170 ...

2018/9/2 12:20:07

Military cooperation between China and India

China's defense minister is visiting India, the first visit since last year's #Doklam standoff. Presently, Sino-Indian military ties ...

2018/8/23 17:04:49

Xi – Hussain Meetings (Feb 2014 – Jun 2018)

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain have met seven times in the past five years. ...

2018/8/12 16:54:16

China's foreign trade 1978-2017

China's foreign trade volume reached $4.1 trillion, nearly 200 times the volume in 1978, while the structure for ...

2018/8/7 19:05:03

Meetings between Chinese and Vietnamese leaders (Jun 2013 – Jun 2018)

Bordering China, Vietnam has significant geographical advantages in the "Belt and Road". In the past five years, top ...

2018/8/3 9:47:48

Relations between China and Mauritius

Mauritius is the 1st African country to start a free trade talk with China, and the only African ...

2018/7/20 17:34:53

Relations between China and South Africa

Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to South Africa is his 3rd state visit to the country, and also ...

2018/7/20 17:31:41

Relations between China and Rwanda

Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Rwanda is the first visit by a Chinese president to the country. ...

2018/7/20 17:27:47

Relations between China and Senegal

Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Senegal is his first visit to a West African country. The leaders ...

2018/7/20 17:26:44

Bilateral trade between China and the UAE

The bilateral trade between China and the UAE in 2017 reached $41b, up 2.3% compared to 2016.

2018/7/20 14:46:49

Relations between China and the UAE

Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to the UAE on July 19 is the first visit by a ...

2018/7/19 15:12:32

President Xi visits five Arab and African countries, attends BRICS summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping will start his first state visit in 2018 on Thursday. Xi will visit the ...

2018/7/19 13:27:38