Wang Wenwen
Reporter, Beijing
Chief reporter of the Global Times. She is also a commentator on US politics and Asian security.
  • Radical US lawmakers weaken Biden admin's flexibility on Taiwan question

    As Tsai's authorities ratchet up their political lobbying, some influential pro-Taiwan US congressmen are becoming more prone to advancing US-Taiwan ties, which will weaken the Biden administration's ability to control the situation in the Taiwan Straits.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/10/15 17:53:39
  • Merkel's legacy to play a role in future ties between China and Germany, EU

    Cooperation between China and Germany and between China and Europe are likely to continue, which is determined by the interests of both sides. There is no fundamental conflict of interests between the two.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/10/14 22:03:39
  • Can India tell US' true intention when Washington is courting it?

    Will the US give preferential treatment to Indian goods? Will the US provide convenience to Indian IT professionals who go to work in the US? Will the US encourage its manufacturing to transfer to India to boost India's economic development? Will the US respect India's autonomy in purchasing weapons?

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/10/7 20:34:53
  • US-EU agree to target China on trade & tech, but Beijing has plenty of room to run

    After a recent strategic dialogue between Chinese and EU top diplomats, the US wooed EU on the first US-EU Trade and Technology Council (TTC) meeting, in which "curb China's non-market trade practices" was raised.

    By Wang Qi and Wang Wenwen | 2021/9/30 20:45:22
  • Well-off border villages reflect China's development concept different from India's

    It is natural if one admires or even envies others who live a better life. But to shake off the jealous tone, the Indian media should help the government reflect on its wrong path. If India can build its own “well-off” villages, it will be a contribution to peace at the China-India border.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/9/27 23:38:40
  • Using pandemic summit for global leadership will fail

    How does the US, which ranks first in terms of the numbers of infections and deaths, have the poise to hold a virtual global COVID-19 summit? The US may not expect the summit to have any substantial effect, but wants to make it a platform to showcase its leadership.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/9/15 20:27:24
  • Mandates challenge Western liberalism amid Delta variant

    As the virus continues to hit, the problems for the West are thornier, because they have to be prepared for social chaos or even deeper crises as their anti-pandemic measures have started shaking their core liberal values.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/9/13 21:11:58
  • Trump, Biden fail in virus fight because US system does not serve its people

    The US anti-epidemic failure is the joint work of the Trump team and the Biden team. The reason that neither the Republican-led govt nor the Democrat-led govt managed to fight the virus is the malfunction of the US political system.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/9/8 19:53:26
  • US elites praise China not for US to learn, but to shame political opponents

    Political stance appears to be the only guidance for US media practices. When the US media praise China, they do not aim at studying from China to equal it, but to shame their political opponents.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/9/5 19:45:28
  • Chinese investments could unlock potential of Russia's Far East, boost trade

    Chinese companies could help quicken the pace of economic development in the Russian Far East, as both China and Russia have laid a solid foundation in policy support and cross-border infrastructure projects in the region, though a faster development in the region needs a little more Russian passion, Chinese experts said on Friday.

    By Chu Daye and Wang Wenwen | 2021/9/3 20:08:36
  • China, Russia jointly celebrate V-Day amid shared WWII view and need to counter Japanese aggressive resurgence

    To mark the 76th victory anniversary of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1931-45), China and Russia - two major contributors in WWII - jointly held memorial activities, which analysts said intends to urge Japan to truly reflect on its military mistakes instead of binding itself increasingly tighter with the US and endangering regional peace and stability. This is the latest and vivid example of the highly accordant values and mutual trust shared by China and Russia.

    By Liu Xin, Wang Qi and Wang Wenwen | 2021/9/3 16:08:53
  • Fantasy for US elites to drag in China and Russia on Afghan refugee issue

    The US withdrawal from Afghanistan has become the laughing stock of the world. But it seems that the US and its elites think it had done something noble

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/8/31 21:48:24
  • China urges terrorist crackdown by Taliban, as Kabul deadly blasts exemplify US failure

    China has urged the Afghan Taliban to fulfill its promises, break off with all terrorist organizations, firmly crack down on the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), and address obstacles that hinder regional security and development cooperation, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at the press conference on Friday, after two bomb attacks on Thursday near Kabul airport killed at least 13 US soldiers and dozens of Afghanis.

    By Liu Xin, Bai Yunyi and Wang Wenwen | 2021/8/27 16:54:03
  • US, allies cannot avoid Afghan accountability for human rights violations

    Human rights are not empty slogans, nor are they tools to interfere in other countries' domestic affairs.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/8/25 22:49:17
  • Singapore draws line between 'being useful' and 'being made use of'

    Even when a senior US official comes, Singapore will not change its stance.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/8/23 20:54:36
  • Taliban's priorities to govern: reconciliation, devt, recognition

    As international community is watching closely the development of Afghanistan situation, to what extent the Afghan Taliban will honor its promise to make its governance inclusive and to respect women's rights is a question in focus, which is key for relevant parties to consider whether to recognize the Taliban government and restart investing in the country.

    By Yang Sheng, Wang Wenwen and Fan Lingzhi | 2021/8/23 0:45:57
  • Intl meeting begins on Afghan peace; China could play 'bigger role' to mediate

    The Afghan government and the Taliban were trading blame over the issue of 'seriousness' for peace talks at the extended troika meeting attended by diplomats from China, Russia, Pakistan and the US, which kicked off in Doha, Qatar on Wednesday.

    By Liu Xin and Wang Wenwen | 2021/8/11 22:05:21
  • Driven by politics, the US is the very place that breeds virus variants

    The virus cares nothing about politics. The ones who pay for it are the ones who neglect it. This is the bitterest experience the world has learnt since the outbreak. Unfortunately, the US did not call to its mind

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/8/8 20:18:39
  • Gloating over new outbreaks in China, West risks repeating anti-virus failure

    If Western media could truly play their role of serving the public interest, they should help trigger a deep reflection among Western countries and advocate them to learn from China's experience that has proven to be effective, instead of living in the fear of being surpassed by China with its systematic advantage and fast economic recovery.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/8/5 20:48:39
  • Is Obama not worried about his birthday party becoming a super spreader event?

    The highly infectious Delta variant brings the question of whether Obama's upcoming party will become a super-spreader event that overshadows the US' already wretched fight against the pandemic.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/8/3 22:23:39
  • Can the US realize its governance shortcomings?

    As the Foreign Policy article noted, what China offers is what developing countries actually want. China helps their basic infrastructure construction needed for economic development. This is much more tangible than US slogans of democracy and human rights. When America itself is immersed in the democracy and human rights pitfalls, how can it persuade other countries to adopt its ways?

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/7/30 19:53:39
  • Diplomats, scholars from SCO countries discuss governance

    A top diplomat from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on Tuesday questioned "certain countries" for wanting to replace international law with an alleged rule-based world order.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/7/27 23:02:25
  • China won't accept US 'position of strength' in Sherman's Tianjin visit: FM

    The US is not qualified to lecture China or interfere in Chinese affairs, nor is it qualified to say it deals with China from “a position of strength,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a press conference on Friday, referring to US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman's upcoming visit to China, as analysts noted that the results of her visit depend on US sincerity.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/7/23 21:13:39
  • Why does Jim Banks discourage UN probe of US human rights abuses?

    China does not oppose investigations. What it opposes is investigations based on presumption of guilt and making use of the investigations to play political tricks.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/7/22 22:23:39
  • China urges Taliban to denounce terrorism

    The situation in Afghanistan is getting more and more complicated as both the Afghan government and the Taliban, which are fighting each other, are making diplomatic efforts to win support or understanding overseas as the US and its allies leave a huge mess in the country and in the region, and China is paying efforts to stabilize the situation and prevent any potential crisis that could impact regional security.

    By Yang Sheng and Wang Wenwen | 2021/7/14 22:33:05
  • Accusing China of exporting model, France actually does it

    The World Peace Forum over the weekend in Beijing was an epitome of the contest between the East and the West. When trying to prove the idea of China wanting to impose its model on other countries, French Ambassador to China Laurent Bili cited China's “threat to freedom of expression.”

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/7/7 1:24:10
  • Former president Karzai slams 'US legacy in Afghanistan of total disgrace and disaster,' hails China's role in bringing stability

    The US and its allies in NATO came to Afghanistan in the name of fighting terrorism and extremism and to bring stability to Afghanistan, but are leaving nearly 20 years later after they failed at both and with an attempt to shift the burden to the Afghan people, Afghanistan's former president Hamid Karzai said.

    By Wang Wenwen and Yu Jincui | 2021/7/2 13:59:01
  • CPC's centennial celebration the West's watershed moment

    The celebration of the CPC's centennial will be a watershed moment for the West to reflect on the way it views the CPC and China and considers the role it should play on the world stage.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/7/1 22:17:49
  • Xi, Putin announce extension of friendship treaty ahead of CPC centenary

    Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin jointly announced the extension of the China-Russia Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation on Monday, three days ahead of the centennial of the Communist Party of China (CPC), while Putin congratulated Xi on the CPC's centenary and expressed hopes for enhanced China-Russia inter-party exchanges.

    By Chen Qingqing, Liu Xin and Wang Wenwen | 2021/6/29 1:50:00
  • Brutality against indigenous people embedded in Anglo-Saxons' DNA

    What has been revealed by the media about the sufferings of the indigenous people in the US and Canada is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/6/29 0:08:39
  • Chinese citizens urged to leave Afghanistan amid worsening security situation

    Chinese citizens in Afghanistan have been alerted to be more cautious and prepared for the worsening security situation in the country as Chinese foreign affairs authorities issued a new safety warning for Chinese people there and reminded them to leave the country as soon as possible.

    By Wan Lin, Cheng Shijie and Wang Wenwen | 2021/6/21 22:43:40
  • Pentagon whistle-blower under US govt probe for publishing op-eds at Global Times

    Franz Gayl, a 64-year-old retired US Marine major who is now working at the Pentagon, is under a counterintelligence investigation by the Marine Corps for his two articles published in the Global Times that criticized the US policy toward the Taiwan Straits.

    By Wang Wenwen, Yu Jincui and Guo Yuandan | 2021/6/12 17:56:40
  • Rapport with Afghanistan, Pakistan an advantage for China in Afghan peace process: ambassador

    “Afghanistan being a stable country is in favor of countries such as the US, China and India. It is more important how we and Pakistan can build trust and how China and India can build trust regarding Afghanistan regardless of other issues. It is about peace in the whole region,” said the ambassador.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/6/1 18:13:39
  • Closer China-Russia ties form new world order, challenge US

    Making joint efforts to fight the COVID-19 global pandemic, countering the smear campaign of the US and the West, as well as making preparations for possible higher-level talks may be among the top agenda of China's leading diplomat's visit to Russia this week.

    By Liu Xin and Wang Wenwen | 2021/5/24 22:43:24
  • Sen. Ben Sasse should be aware talking big won't restore US global leadership

    The US cannot reshape its global leadership with lying. China welcomes it if the US takes real action to compete with China in providing global public goods. But if the US just talks big, it will continue to be the laughing stock of the world.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/5/18 21:51:14
  • Time for Taiwan's remaining 'allies' to think of their losses

    The amount of dollars Taiwan can pay for maintaining “diplomatic ties” with its “allies” is far from the losses those countries suffer from not establishing ties with the Chinese mainland. It is time these countries realize their losses caused by Taiwan and the US.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/5/12 21:47:36
  • China to host Winter Olympics on time; IOC chief opposes politicization of Olympics

    Chinese President Xi Jinping talked over the phone with IOC President Thomas Bach on Friday. Xi said China is confident about hosting the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing as scheduled.

    By Wang Wenwen and Zhang Hui | 2021/5/7 19:55:28
  • Washington's 'small clique' politics exposed as China, Russia battle with US over 'rules', 'multilateralism' at UN

    Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi will host a virtual session of the United Nations (UN) Security Council on Friday with the attendance of US counterpart Antony Blinken and other foreign ministers, the second meeting between the two since the top diplomats' meeting in Alaska. The session is seen as an opportunity for China to push multilateralism back on the right track after the US-led G7 hyped up the “China threat” with clique politics.

    By Wang Qi and Wang Wenwen | 2021/5/7 17:27:12
  • US selfishness hits partnership with India, but China blamed

    The selfishness of the US in face of COVID-19 crisis in India is tantamount to a stabbing in the back of its partner. Yet US media blamed China for stoking tensions.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/4/27 20:55:08
  • There is a hefty price for being 'like-minded' partners of US

    Given US strategic selfishness, the US will only create trouble for its allies and partners on their way of development so that they will be more subjected to US hegemony and find it more difficult to be independent.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/4/21 20:43:40
  • Wastewater dumping reveals Japan's aggressiveness hidden behind a smoke screen of politeness

    Japan is consuming its reputation as an economic and cultural powerhouse it has strived hard to achieve since the end of World War II, and its efforts to become a political major power and normal country will be questioned strongly by the international community, especially by neighboring countries, thanks to its decision this week to dump wastewater from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/4/16 1:01:23
  • Reflecting on 50th anniversary of ping-pong diplomacy on both sides of the Pacific amid stalemate in ties

    Half a century ago, no one expected the visit of a group of American table tennis players to China would change the global landscape so dramatically. Now, with China and the US back in a period of such uncertainty in relations as observers point to almost a new Cold War, many observers are seeking signs whether something similar to the ping-pong diplomacy could be found to break the ice for the world's most important bilateral relations.

    By Wang Wenwen and Zhao Yusha | 2021/4/9 22:07:59
  • Multinationals must learn hard lesson of respecting local consumers

    A recent article in The New York Times said that Chinese consumers' anger toward some Western companies such as H&M and Nike over their irresponsible and inappropriate remarks over Xinjiang cotton has given Chinese brands a chance to win and China's young generation is "more nationalistic" and "actively looking for brands that can align with that confidently Chinese identity."

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/4/7 22:47:25
  • A battle between democracy and autocracy, but not as Biden describes

    The US is experiencing a major democracy Waterloo.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/29 21:43:20
  • West desires to see a poor and weak Xinjiang for their own geopolitical aims

    Even Islamic countries understand China's approach without making irresponsible remarks. But the US-led Western countries have become the most active forces against Xinjiang. This is illogical.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/28 21:44:16
  • What can Asian Americans learn from BLM movement?

    Do Asian American lives really matter in the US?

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/22 21:48:52
  • Update: China-US talks candid and helpful, but major divergences on key issues remain

    The first talks between top Chinese and US diplomats concluded in Alaska on Friday local time after a confrontational opening. The talks were beneficial and helped boost mutual understanding, despite major differences on key issues, the Chinese side said on early Saturday after the two-day talks.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/20 10:07:31
  • US senators' Olympic rhetoric lacks cooperation perspective

    The Olympics are embraced by the world because of its spirit of being faster, higher and stronger. Nowadays, it is one of the few positive factors in the world, and it should not be ruined by some senseless and aimless US politicians.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/17 0:58:39
  • West 'weaponizes' vaccines to divide world aimed at maintaining hegemony

    The political struggle brought about by the pandemic is far from over. Hence the West's intent to divide the world with vaccines to maintain its hegemony. However, the US and the rest of the West will only find themselves enmeshed in a self-imposed cocoon. Just imagine, if the global supply of vaccines is monopolized by the US, how many more people would die? Does the US care? The answer is clear.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/15 23:12:28
  • CNN seems to have changed little since truth-twisting Tibet coverage

    China encourages normal exchanges between the Chinese people and Westerners. As long as they abide by China's laws, any Westerner in China need not worry about their security. It is the US that dares not encourage communication between Chinese and its citizens and tries to isolate China by hyping fears toward China. It is the Chinese people that should have security worries in the US.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/11 23:20:14
  • West vilifying China's Xinjiang governance may eventually backfire

    Professor Mestre's opinion that “France and other European countries [haunted by terrorism] could take the answers given by Xinjiang” back in 2019 was not to please China, but an earnest suggestion for the West. Western societies also face the baffling issue of religious extremism and have suffered from bloody terror attacks. In 2020 alone, nine cases of terror attacks occurred on French soil. The Western world, including France, could learn from China's experience. But as the West spares no efforts to crack down on China by exploiting Xinjiang governance, it may eat the bitterness itself at the end.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/9 22:43:40
  • Two ex-chief executives of Hong Kong welcome decision of electoral reforms

    Two former Hong Kong chief executives voiced support for the draft decision on improving the electoral system of the special administrative region made at the opening of the annual session of China's legislative body on Friday.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/5 16:29:23
  • US vaccine diplomacy doesn't bode well for Biden admin's strategy

    Biden has pledged to put human rights back at the center of US foreign policy. But US vaccine diplomacy that emphasizes human rights has stumbled on its very first start.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/4 21:39:36
  • CNN sheds no tears over US COVID-19 victims, nitpicks China's epidemic response

    China has successfully put waves of COVID-19 under control, the US media cannot control their opinion war on China. In another recent faultfinding article titled “The truthtellers,” CNN listed the people, “who shared details of the COVID-19 pandemic that Beijing left out”. The outlet then accused, as it always does, China of concealing the initial outbreak in Wuhan, and cracking down on so-called citizen journalists.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/1 15:31:44
  • More hostility toward China over human rights seen within EU; bloc's leadership urged to act to maintain sound bilateral ties

    Some European countries have recently taken turns criticizing China for what they said “repressing” Uygurs in its Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, especially at the ongoing UN Human Rights Council. Against the backdrop of increasing China-EU trade exchanges, politicizing human rights issues may cast hurdles to ties, analysts said, noting that the EU should have more independence from the US and avoid being bound to the US' warship of attacking China in fields like human rights.

    By Liu Xin and Wang Wenwen | 2021/2/26 21:05:18
  • Dutch Xinjiang motion violates intl law, could 'jeopardize China-EU momentum'

    The Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands on Friday condemned a motion passed by the Dutch House of Representatives which declared "genocide" is taking place in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, saying the move deliberately smeared China and grossly interfered in China's internal affairs.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/2/26 14:03:24
  • TikTok's parent company ByteDance agrees to $92 million settlement for user privacy in US

    The Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands on Friday condemned a motion passed by the Dutch House of Representatives which declared "genocide" is taking place in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, saying the move deliberately smeared China and grossly interfered in China's internal affairs.

    By Chi Jingyi | 2021/2/26 13:37:58
  • 'America is back' with airstrikes on Iran-backed militia in Syria

    In its first military action, the Biden administration has ordered airstrikes against an Iran-backed militia in Syria, which Chinese experts believe is an obvious move by the US to target Iran and send a clear signal to the outside world that "America is back."

    By Xing Xiaojing, Fan Lingzhi and Wang Wenwen | 2021/2/26 12:29:10
  • China, Russia to face more challenges as US rejoins UNHRC; more 'wolf warriors' called for to fight back

    As a new round of silent battles initiated by the US and its allies using the excuse of human rights to attack countries, particularly China and Russia, had been waged at the 46th United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in recent days, analysts warn that as the US re-engages with the UN body and touts the idea of a "democratic alliance," they may adopt more aggressive measures to pressure China and Russia by further politicizing human rights issues.

    By Liu Xin, Wang Wenwen and Xia Wenxin | 2021/2/26 0:50:38
  • UK's opportunist and adventurist diplomacy with China a dead end pursuit

    There is room for more China-UK economic and trade cooperation. But it depends on how the British government balances its diplomacy. It is hard to completely separate politics from economics in this bilateral relationship.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/2/22 20:38:39
  • UK, with severe poverty woes, hard to sustain global influence

    The UK now has Europe's highest death toll with more than 120,000 victims of the pandemic. Its national strength is declining, which triggered anxiety and aimlessness that was ultimately manifested by Brexit.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/2/21 19:58:39
  • US hard to form anti-China choir in G7 summit; China engine for world economy rather than challenge: experts

    Chinese experts said given the close trade and economic partnership between the Group of Seven (G7) members and China, it is difficult for the US to form an anti-China choir at the G7 summit. They also refuted the White House's slander that China poses challenges to the global economy, saying China is the engine of it.

    By Xu Keyue and Wang Wenwen | 2021/2/15 18:39:05
  • Will Biden do more to decimate Trump's comeback?

    The US Senate's decision to acquit former president Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial is clearly a victory for the former president and his Republican Party, but a larger failure for US' much trumpeted political system and democracy. And here are some takeaways.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/2/15 15:27:18
  • Jimmy Lai denied bail in 'landmark ruling signaling HK common law system adapting to national security law'

    Hong Kong's top court denied bail on Tuesday for media tycoon and secessionist Jimmy Lai, who will stay behind bars until his trial on national security charges in April.

    By Chen Qingqing and Wang Wenwen | 2021/2/9 10:22:32
  • Instead of a beacon, US-styled election shows world chaos, rifts

    The US is like a super carrier which has sailed a long time. However, the components within are so torn and tattered that it can hardly withstand any major test. The problem is: Does the American captain have the will and ability to mend it?

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/1/5 21:14:19
  • Jimmy Lai back to jail; legal experts see latest ruling 'a wise move' that aligns with Natl Security Law gist

    The Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal revoked the bail order of Jimmy Lai, Apple Daily founder and a notorious anti-government figure, on Thursday, ending his short eight-day bail period as his case concerning the violation of the national security law for Hong Kong has been processing.

    By Chen Qingqing and Wang Wenwen | 2020/12/31 21:07:07
  • China is not the reason why the US' 'luck' is running out

    The US role does not match its status as a global superpower which is supposed to act in a responsible and graceful manner. Some believe the US is an empire going downhill. Is it really the case?

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/12/29 22:48:39
  • HK Justice Department appeals HK$10m bail to Lai

    Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai Chee-ying was granted a HK$ 10 million ($1.29 million) bail on Wednesday by the Hong Kong High Court after being charged with fraud and violating the national security law for Hong Kong.

    By Zhang Han and Wang Wenwen | 2020/12/23 20:16:18
  • Death of Ezra Vogel a 'huge blow' amid China-US tensions

    Ezra Vogel, a professor emeritus at Harvard University and a scholar on China, Japan and Asia studies, dies at 90, the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard said on Sunday.

    By Yang Sheng, Xu Keyue and Wang Wenwen | 2020/12/21 10:50:35
  • Facebook shuts pages of pro-establishment groups in HK, showing Western bias

    Facebook has suspended pages linked to pro-establishment groups in Hong Kong, making it hard for the page followers and group members to catch up on activity notices and connect with each other.

    By Liu Caiyu and Wang Wenwen | 2020/12/7 22:13:41
  • Chinese ambassador calls to bring foreign troops to justice for criminal behavior

    The Chinese UN ambassador Zhang Jun on Thursday called to bring foreign forces stationed in other countries' territories to justice for their criminal behaviors, after the recent atrocities by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan shocked the world.

    By Wang Wenwen and Huang Lanlan | 2020/12/4 23:29:22
  • Honeyed Western support for Australia a political show

    As China-Australia relations have turned sour, the easiest card to play by Western MPs is to pressure China and fan the opinion flame. The latest show serves only these MPs' purpose of manipulating Western public opinion and exploiting political gains.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/12/2 21:48:40
  • US, Taiwan island to miss devt opportunities for taking confrontational mind-set

    The assets the US has given to Taiwan are a blame game between the Kuomintang and the Democratic Progressive Party, which are accusing each other of missing the chance to bring Taiwan to RCEP. The US is playing the geopolitical card in the Asia-Pacific region, but only Taiwan has swallowed the bait. The two will eventually miss opportunities from the development of the Asia-Pacific.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/11/16 21:13:41
  • Chinese public won't be swayed by who sits in the White House

    The Chinese people pay attention to the US presidential election because China-US relations are important to both countries, and have a profound impact on the world. But the Chinese people also view the election as an entertainment show, and certainly they won't be into the drama too much.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/11/10 21:53:40
  • Ninth China-Africa Think Tanks Forum to boost development amid pandemic

    More than 200 officials and scholars from China and a number of African countries are gathering in Beijing for a two-day conference on China-Africa cooperation against the backdrop of the raging COVID-19 pandemic. They will discuss further strengthening bilateral relations despite criticism from certain countries.

    By Wang Wenwen and Xie Wenting | 2020/11/5 21:23:41
  • Deep-seated divisions in US contradict democratic values

    What is happeningduring the US election is something that we could have never imaged in this "Beacon of Freedom."

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/11/4 20:38:40
  • US driven by geopolitical opportunism in the Maldives

    India's indulgence in the US manoeuvre in the Indian Ocean means that India will eventually be pulled into a rivalry with the US in the region. As India views the Indian Ocean as its core interest, this will impede New Delhi and Washington from getting strategically intimate.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/10/29 22:18:40
  • Politically biased poll fails to show actual scientific facts

    Many people do not look at the swift response the Chinese government made to cope with an unknown virus, but grapple with the origin of the virus and China's early response.Fortunately, these myopic perspectives won't stop China's development.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/10/28 22:32:50
  • India should focus on epidemic instead of war with China

    If India wants to win a fight, it should focus on winning the fight against the novel coronavirus. Regrettably, India has suffered a miserable defeat. India ranks the world's second highest in coronavirus infections.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/10/26 21:35:33
  • China, Russia see 'no need for military alliance' amid high-level cooperation

    The military cooperation between China and Russia has been at a high level in recent years, but the two countries do not need a military alliance, as cooperation based on the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination is more conducive for the two sides to jointly participate in global governance to safeguard regional and global security, Chinese analysts said, as a proposition of China-Russia military alliance has become a heated topic.

    By Wang Wenwen and Zhang Hui | 2020/10/23 21:33:40
  • Chaotic Trump-Biden debate shows 'recession of US influence, national power'

    The first US presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden that finished on Wednesday just showed the world a divided and chaotic US that is no longer an attractive superpower in terms of politics and soft power, and the embarrassing debate full of interruptions and pointless personal attacks largely reflects the recession of US national power, said Chinese analysts.

    By Yang Sheng and Wang Wenwen | 2020/9/30 14:08:48
  • China backs UN in post-pandemic global governance: FM

    Although the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the dilemma of global governance, the United Nations is still the most complete system in the international order, and international law the most perfect legal framework, China's State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a keynote speech at an international forum in Beijing on Monday.

    By Wang Wenwen and Yu Jincui | 2020/9/28 21:48:40
  • US again pays lip service, this time to Mekong countries

    But US assistance, which often comes under the banner of democracy and the rule of law, which don't work well even within the US, will prove to be just lip service for these countries.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/9/15 22:00:35
  • US anti-China politicians' stirring up controversy over Mulan film location just restless clamor

    The recent controversies over Disney's filming of its live-action movie Mulan in China's Xinjiang Ugyur Autonomous Region and its credits thanking security and publicity departments in Xinjiang which offered assistance to the filming did not end here. On Friday, a bipartisan group of US lawmakers asked Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek to explain the company's contacts with Xinjiang during the production of the film.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/9/12 20:04:48
  • Five Indians 'missing' in south Tibet region are India's intelligence personnel disguised as hunters: source

    Five Indians, who were allegedly “kidnapped” by the China's People Liberation Army or as some called went missing in the south Tibet region, are India's intelligence staff who had disguised themselves as hunters, a source told the Global Times.

    By Global Times | 2020/9/12 12:08:20
  • Why China manages to develop and rise despite talent outflow

    The US needs to ask itself: Nowadays, how many talents worldwide will be less likely to do their research and contribute their wisdom in the US? Can it still provide better education, better jobs and better quality of life? The US had better not be too self-centered and narcissistic.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/9/10 18:10:05
  • China's data security initiative smeared by US, but actually helps humanity

    China has embarked upon a path to explore cyber governance early on, and has achieved notable results. The experiences of other countries also prove that the cyber world can't be a lawless one. In the absence of globally fit rules of digital governance, China has the ability and right to take the initiative.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/9/9 13:48:18
  • China launches global data security initiative, respects data sovereignty

    The global data security initiative China proposes is a Chinese approach and a Chinese attitude to the global response to cybersecurity.

    By Wang Wenwen and Zhang Hui | 2020/9/8 13:03:40
  • Vucic's White House visit sparks heated discussion among Chinese netizens

    China always maintains that all nations, big or small, should be equal. To us, agreements reached by strong arm tactics will be difficult to hold.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/9/7 23:12:40
  • Chinese FM hails role of UN in upholding multilateralism

    Multilateralism is the sole solution to world disturbances in which no country can stand by itself and the UN should and is able to play a core role, China's State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at an international seminar on the 75th anniversary of the United Nations in Beijing on Tuesday.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/9/1 19:30:52
  • Hurting ties with China will have consequences Australia cannot afford to bear

    The government of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison will introduce legislation this week empowering the foreign affairs minister to review and cancel agreements between local governments and universities and foreign countries considered "detrimental" to Australia's foreign policy objectives. China, is the implicit target.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/9/1 1:33:26
  • Leaning on Washington leads to trouble on maritime affairs

    Leaning toward the US leads to many uncertainties for regional countries, and they should avoid acting as US pawns to create shockwaves in the waters.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/8/27 22:37:18
  • Kenosha shooting breaks another myth about American freedom

    It is both absurd and ironic when US politicians play the card of human rights against countries like China, while stamping on the wounds of ethnic minorities.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/8/25 22:38:41
  • To American politicians, Taiwan is a tradable pawn

    Taiwan for the US is only a tradable chess piece, but for the mainland, reunification of the mainland and Taiwan is priceless.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/8/23 22:15:06
  • Apple Daily can't 'represent' free press as freedom of speech needs to comply with law: experts

    When Western media defend "freedom of the press" as they considered the latest arrest of Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai and the Hong Kong police's operation targeting its headquarters after the national security law for Hong Kong came into force as a "severe erosion of free press in Hong Kong," some ignored the essence of this matter, which has nothing to do with freedom of the press, and some have no idea what the fourth estate is about, observers said.

    By Chen Qingqing and Wang Wenwen | 2020/8/13 22:38:41
  • US degrades from innovator to digital rogue

    While China is busy innovating, the US is guarding against an innovative China. This twisted behavior has prevented the US from continuing to innovate and reform. The dominant position it acquired, or its hegemony, is becoming a self-inflicted fetter for its progress.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/8/4 20:18:40
  • Delusional US politicians see 'Chinese propaganda' everywhere

    After the New York Times published an article by Dr Rao Yi, a US-trained molecular neurobiologist in China, who compared the fate of his relatives in the US to those in China during the COVID-19 pandemic, both the article and the newspaper came under attack.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/7/25 21:55:40
  • US entry into Houston consulate violates Vienna Convention: experts

    US federal agents and local law enforcement entered China's consulate compound in Houston after it was forced to close on Friday local time, according to CNN reports. Several SUVs, trucks, two white vans and a locksmith's van entered the property, CNN reported.

    By Leng Shumei and Wang Wenwen | 2020/7/25 18:07:46
  • US policymakers should shift to a cooperative mind-set with China

    If US policymakers always adopt a competitive rather than cooperative mind-set toward China, China-US relations will only end up slipping to the edge of a cliff, which serves the interests of neither.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/7/23 19:18:40
  • Afghanistan looks forward to having Pakistan-style relations with China: ambassador

    China can utilize its advantages in favor of a long-lasting peace in Afghanistan and Afghanistan is looking forward to having the kind of relationship China has with Pakistan, Afghan Ambassador to China Javid Qaem said at a press conference on Wednesday.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/7/22 19:58:40
  • Mastery of Constitution and Chinese proficiency should be prerequisites for national security judges: Hong Kong lawyer

    A Hong Kong lawyer has refuted the UK Supreme Court's decision, which, according to a Reuters report on Friday, would continue to assess UK judges' positions in the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal, the city's top court, amid the recent enactment of the national security law for Hong Kong.

    By Wang Wenwen and Zhao Juecheng | 2020/7/18 20:53:35
  • India wrong to fear losing regional countries to Chinese clout

    It is hoped the Modi administration can overcome the entrenched anti-China sentiment in Indian political and media arenas – they would embrace amicable bilateral relations for pragmatic and mutually beneficial solutions.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/7/2 18:13:40
  • Dispelling Western lies about national security law for HK

    How the West depicts and interprets the national security law for Hong Kong, which was enacted on Tuesday, fully underscores the bias and double standards of some Western politicians and media on Hong Kong affairs.

    By Chen Qingqing, Zhang Hui and Wang Wenwen | 2020/7/2 0:53:40
  • HK extremists, secessionists flee, disband groups after security law passed

    The deterrent effect of the National Security Law for Hong Kong has begun to show, as three infamous secessionist leaders in Hong Kong - Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Agnes Chow - announced their withdrawal from anti-government group Demosisto Tuesday morning, hours after China's top legislature reportedly voted to pass the law, experts said.

    By GT staff reporters | 2020/6/30 13:33:22
  • US-China forum kicks off, expected to candidly address relations

    The Fifth US-China Young Scholars Forum kicked off on Tuesday via video link where top scholars from the two countries are expected to give frank talks about the current and future state of bilateral relations and the role of the young generation.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/6/30 10:08:40
  • Are xenophobia, McCarthyism running deeper in Australia?

    The Australian authorities' mentality toward China has been increasingly dictated by the competition between China and the US, and Canberra could not resist joining Washington's chariot.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/6/27 21:49:00
  • With national security bill around the corner, HK secessionists change course

    The yet-to-be-passed national security law is expected to have deterrence effect on those who threaten national security, including the members of the "Gang of Four."

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/6/26 18:18:40
  • Hypocritical US uses human rights as tool to bash others

    The US has been using the human rights issues to attack its strategic adversaries, including China, Russia and Iran. Such attacks are based on a political stand rather than real concerns for the well-being of people in these countries.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/6/21 20:58:40
  • A Chinese reporter to Pompeo: Yes, protests in US and Hong Kong are different!

    By glorifying political naivety and violence of Hong Kong protesters, US politicians like Pompeo are using Hong Kong against China rather than really securing the rights of these protesters. For China, it is a matter of sovereignty, which means the Chinese central government has every right to safeguard its national interests. The smearing of China by Pompeo exactly reflects his incompetence and ignorance as a US secretary of state.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/6/7 22:48:40
  • West's offers to lure HKers help city drain 'bad blood'

    To further meddle in Hong Kong's affairs, US and UK politicians, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, have jumped out to try to lure Hong Kong residents with relaxed immigration policies, a move which Chinese observers predicted will do nothing to affect the implementation of the national security law in Hong Kong but actually helps the Chinese city drain out national traitors, who are "bad blood" poisoning Hong Kong.

    By Zhao Yusha and Wang Wenwen | 2020/6/3 21:08:40
  • George Floyd murder exposes rotten racism in the US

    In 2016, Trump won the popular support from the low- and middle-class white people who felt they were reversely discriminated under the Obama era. Trump himself is a racist president, as Democrats call him. The latest protests may just lead to ever stronger white supremacy.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/6/1 11:44:34
  • China, India don't need US help on their frictions

    The latest dispute can be solved bilaterally by China and India. The two countries should keep alert on the US, which exploits every chance to create waves that jeopardize regional peace and order.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/5/28 20:33:55
  • HK's foreign judges should be barred from national security trials: NPC deputy

    "Potential or actual conflict of interests may occur if a foreign judge or a judge with dual nationality is involved in national security cases,” said Maggie Chan Man-ki, who is currently in Beijing to attend the annual two sessions.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/5/27 14:18:40
  • BRI deal prompts Washington to threaten loyal ally

    As the US tries to block Victoria's BRI deal, what alternatives does the US offer?

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/5/25 21:18:29
  • China determined to fix HK national security loophole, ready for potential US sanctions: experts

    No US sanctions or “cancellation of Hong Kong's special status” will sway China's determination to fix national security loopholes in Hong Kong as the central government must have had taken into consideration possible US responses and is preparing for countermeasures, Chinese experts said.

    By Liu Xin and Wang Wenwen | 2020/5/23 18:38:32
  • HK politicians to propose correcting anti-mainland education at national two sessions

    An inappropriate question in the Hong Kong special administrative region's college entrance exam regarding China's modern history has been met with a backlash from both the authorities and society, calling into question the city's long-term flawed national education and inviting proposals from officials for change.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/5/18 14:08:40
  • Stricter supervision of education urged after HK history test asks if Japanese invasion was good

    More and more educational experts and observers have called on the Hong Kong education authority to strengthen supervision of its curriculum and examinations after a controversial question appeared in a recent history exam which was slammed for cultivating traitors of China.

    By Xu Keyue and Wang Wenwen | 2020/5/18 0:08:40
  • Hong Kong police action justified: report

    Hong Kong police resorted to force only on occasions of violence during last year's social unrest, while there were "areas for improvement" during officers' clashes with protesters, according to a report on public order events since June last year and the police response.

    By Zhang Han and Wang Wenwen | 2020/5/15 20:33:41
  • UK needs another miracle out of COVID-19 mess

    The UK wasted a few weeks' time when China fought hard against the virus, and when Italy began to see a surging number of confirmed cases of the disease on the European continent.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/5/13 19:49:56
  • New wave of unrest risks further sinking HK

    Illegal public gatherings are staging a comeback in Hong Kong, while experts warned that a resurgence of unrest would further damage the city's economy and social order, which had been showing signs of recovery after the double blow of months of riots followed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    By Wang Wenwen and Leng Shumei | 2020/5/11 20:08:40
  • US should focus on tackling virus, not geopolitical rivals

    In the election year, both Republicans and Democrats are focusing on politicizing the pandemic and turning it into a trial of strength and influence with China. But the very lesson the US should learn from the pandemic is that the biggest threat facing the US is not its perceived geopolitical rivals such as China, but the great nature.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/5/10 21:23:40
  • Deputies, support staff get ready for two sessions

    Preparations for the upcoming annual two sessions kicked off across China amid the COVID-19 epidemic as the Beijing traffic management authority conducted a thorough inspection of dozens of taxis that will serve the two sessions in late May.

    By Leng Shumei and Wang Wenwen | 2020/5/10 17:53:40
  • HK delegation to two sessions to first undergo screening in Shenzhen

    Hong Kong's deputies to the National People's Congress (NPC) and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), who are expected to attend the postponed annual two sessions in late May, will first go to Shenzhen to undergo novel coronavirus nucleic acid tests before flying to Beijing, sources told the Global Times Wednesday.

    By Wang Wenwen and Cao Siqi | 2020/5/6 17:31:59
  • Australia joins US bandwagon over virus policy

    President Trump is restoring America as a selfish state among selfish states. It certainly serves no Australian interest if Australia becomes one of them. China is building a cooperative architecture in the Asia-Pacific region to push forward joint development rather than dominate the region.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/4/20 22:23:40
  • US 'black hands' behind HK education shows need for national security law

    The Fulbright Program - a flagship interna-tional educational exchange program of the US Department of State in China's Hong Kong Special Administration Region (HKSAR) - has become a major platform for training students as part of anti-mainland forces while intervening in local education and manipulating important courses of higher education, local media reports said, reflecting "black hands" of the US behind of chaos in the city and that passage of the national security law is highly necessary, analysts said.

    By Chen Qingqing and Wang Wenwen | 2020/4/17 22:02:13
  • Upcoming NPC sessions 'the first step' to two sessions, as China moves toward normalcy

    The next session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) will be held in Beijing from April 26 to 29, the first step to the national two sessions, sources said. While Chinese President Xi Jinping's inspection of Wuhan on March 10 signaled the success of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic in the heavily hit province of Hubei, the opening of the “two sessions” indicates China is walking toward normalcy, which are milestone indicators of the country's epidemic battle.

    By Deng Xiaoci, Chen Qingqing and Wang Wenwen | 2020/4/17 20:48:40
  • More HKers support national security law

    More Hong Kong people appear to support the national security law, as shown in a recent online signature drive, as the Director of the Liaison Office of the Central Peo-ple's Government in the HKSAR Luo Huining said on Wednesday Hong Kong needs to improve the legal system for safeguarding national security.

    By Yang Sheng and Wang Wenwen | 2020/4/15 22:02:03
  • Trump's empty promises meant for reelection, not to fight virus

    Public health crises do not happen often, but once they do, they expose the various flaws of a system. It remains to be seen how the US reforms its system to address the flaws, or just looks for a scapegoat.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/4/14 21:48:40
  • US virus prevention efforts have become a farce that is no longer amusing

    If US politicians and the larger American society don't reflect on their own shortcomings and continue to shift the blame on others, and among each other, then the entire American population will be in the dark.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/4/11 11:33:40
  • Luckin needs integrity to keep non-lovers of coffee loyal

    The same goes for Luckin. Its attempt to become a standout in the market, and its ambition to rival a strong American brand, maybe worth praise for many Chinese people, but without financial integrity, its initial successes will indeed prove to be too good to be true.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/4/10 15:08:40
  • HK anti-mask ruled as 'constitutional' reveals practical judicial thinking: experts

    A Hong Kong appeals court on Thursday overturned part of an earlier ruling that found the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government's ban on wearing masks at unauthorized protests "unconstitutional," declaring the measure imposed during the turmoil last year valid, with observers noting that this is a "demonstration of justice" and will help the HKSAR government quell the turmoil eventually.

    By Yang Sheng and Wang Wenwen | 2020/4/10 1:16:05
  • Cause of US coronavirus crisis systemic, not just Trump

    While the US elite write articles analyzing why the US mishandles the crisis, they should give a thought to their system.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/4/7 22:08:40
  • Lack of trust and political fault-finding impede HK govt's viral fight: analyst

    Despite strict and timely government measures to curb the spread of the virus, people in Hong Kong have not been as vigilant as those in the mainland have been。

    By Wang Wenwen and Ji Yuqiao | 2020/4/5 16:03:40
  • Neighborhood committees are in the vanguard of virus control

    Returning to my residential community after some grocery shopping, I adjust my mask and roll up a sleeve to expose a bare wrist. “Temperature check, resident's pass please,” the man manning the gate requests.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/3/31 21:43:40
  • How to make apolitical insightful facts speak

    Some Western politicians still refuse to look to the useful part of China's experiences in their battle against the coronavirus. The absence of a self-correction function will only make the Western mechanism fall behind.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/3/15 20:38:40
  • US emergency declaration first step, more difficulties lie ahead: analysts

    US President Donald Trump on Friday declared a national emergency over the coronavirus pandemic, which some analysts believe is an overdue but first step of the US as uncertainties loom large; while others see it as a passive move made by Trump for the sake of his re-election campaign.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/3/14 16:57:10
  • COVID-19 outbreak a test globalization needs

    The de-globalization sentiment that we have felt from the outbreak is just a test that globalization needs to undergo before it becomes more extensive and profound.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/3/11 21:03:40
  • Racism, finger-pointing, politicizing is the American way

    The novel coronavirus epidemic has exposed the deep-seated bigotry and substandard manner of some American elites.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/3/11 10:48:40
  • Rare trip to US by HK pro-establishment figures helps present true story of HK: analysts

    The visit, financed by the US Department of State, was the first since US President Donald Trump signed into law the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act” in November, a period marked by anti-government violent protests in Hong Kong.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/3/9 20:23:40
  • US public health system leaves a lot to be desired

    Debate over the Chinese and Western political systems are never-ending, but in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak that has cost China and other countries dearly, some Western media outlets who are long critical about China's strict management of the epidemic, began to draw parallels between China's system, which they believe is a single-party state and authoritarian, and the Western system, which has an open structure allegedly with transparent information flow.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/2/28 22:37:56
  • Arrest of Jimmy Lai signals HK govt's enhanced enforcement after months-long riots

    The Hong Kong Police Force detained several Hong Kong riot leaders including Apple Daily founder Jimy Lai Chee-ying and pan-democratic figures Lee Cheuk-yan and Yeung Sum on Friday for taking part in an illegal assembly and criminal intimidation.

    By Chen Qingqing and Wang Wenwen | 2020/2/28 11:01:35
  • Dual tasks of virus battle, work resumption attest to vitality of China's system

    But this time, China's efforts to activate its economy amid an arduous fight against the virus epidemic can hardly be ignored, as the Chinese economy, if stalled, may disrupt industrial production not only in China but throughout the world. Maybe it is time for cynical Westerners to learn about the vitality of China's system.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/2/25 23:08:41
  • Coronavirus batters S.Korea

    The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in South Korea surged to 204 on Friday. The severe situation in South Korea also tests how resilient its economy is as well as its relations with China.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/2/21 21:39:44
  • Johns Hopkins students protest speeches by Joshua Wong, Nathan Law

    More than 100 Chinese students at Johns Hopkins University in the US on Thursday night (US time) protested against speeches made by Hong Kong secessionists Joshua Wong Chi-fung and Nathan Law Kwun-chung.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/2/21 14:42:02
  • Now is the time for Western media to learn about collectivism

    For decades, mass mobilization has been a key advantage of the Chinese system. It has accompanied the Communist Party of China through revolution, state-building, as well as reforms and opening-up.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/2/17 13:41:25
  • Senior official named for HK, Macao agency

    China announced on Thursday the appointment of Xia Baolong, vice chairman of China's top political advisory body, as head of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office (HKMAO) of the State Council.

    By Wang Wenwen and Yang Sheng | 2020/2/13 17:02:12
  • Resolution calling for HK police chief to assist in Wuhan 'a purely political show'

    A resolution passed by a Hong Kong district council urging police chief Chris Tang Ping-keung to go to Wuhan to assist the ongoing fight against the novel coronavirus is “purely a political show,” noted Hong Kong analysts.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/2/12 16:18:40
  • Public health education needed amid virus outbreak

    Education on public health can give people knowledge on matters related to their health and life and empower people with the right approaches when confronting them. This is the lesson China should have learned after the 2003 SARS outbreak.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/2/10 21:49:45
  • Doctor's death not an opportunity for the West to slam China

    When people shared Li's words that he said before his death - "A healthy society should not have just one voice" - perhaps it's time for wiser approaches in our social governance. In an era of internet, rumors need to be suppressed, not truth.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/2/9 21:36:37
  • Is sympathy too much to ask for from Western media?

    The Chinese do not want another province or city to be sacrificed. Before that happens, we must remain steadfast in achieving our goal. While Western countries cannot help, the least they could do is refrain from using a sarcastic tone when writing about how China and the Chinese are combating the virus.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/2/9 14:58:39
  • Virus battle China's chance to show progress

    China cannot change how the world perceives it, but the world will view China's development and improvement by how it tackles each crisis.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/2/4 22:18:46
  • Australian media urged to apologize for discriminating against Chinese amid coronavirus outbreak

    More than 46,000 people have signed a petition demanding the Australian media to apologize publicly for racism against the Chinese community after two media outlets carried headlines and highlighted characters on their front pages which labeled the novel coronavirus-related pneumonia as a "Chinese virus" and hyped sentiments that would require Chinese children to stay at home.

    By Xu Keyue and Wang Wenwen | 2020/1/30 21:24:31
  • 'Unnecessary' to evacuate foreigners from China: WHO

    The Head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said he is confident in China's capacity to deal with the novel coronavirus outbreak, and plans by some countries to repatriate their citizens are unnecessary.

    By Wang Wenwen and Chen Qingqing | 2020/1/28 17:43:41
  • Hongkongers suffer divergence, emotional breakdowns amid social unrest

    Over six months of tumultuous riots in Hong Kong have led to a society divided with many families falling apart. With the social climate cooling down, such an experience has become unforgettable for some.

    By Chen Qingqing, Yang Sheng and Wang Wenwen | 2020/1/9 19:43:40
  • US needs open-mindedness in 5G race with China

    As both China and the US have recognized 5G as a critical enabler of future competitiveness and the US is poised to catch up, the ball is now in the US court. Will it be open-minded enough to engage in healthy competition with China?

    By Wang Wenwen | 2019/12/17 19:23:40
  • Xi backs Lam in hard times

    President Xi Jinping met Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, who is on a duty visit to Beijing, on Monday and reaffirmed the determination to implement the “one country, two systems” principle and oppose foreign interference in Hong Kong affairs, while saying that Hong Kong faced the most severe and complicated situation this year since the 1997 return.

    By Yang Sheng, Wang Wenwen and Hu Yuwei | 2019/12/17 0:23:39