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S. Korean actress' sculpture donation hailed by Chinese fans

South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo on Wednesday donated the sculpture of a Korean hero who fought against the Japanese invasion in the 20th century to a museum dedicated to the historical figure, which is located in Northeast China, winning applause from her fans and the Chinese public.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/21 22:03:40

Cathay Pacific drops HK airline brand

Cathay Pacific announced on Wednesday a restructuring plan that will involve axing its major regional airline Cathay Dragon - the main airline connecting Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland - which was embroiled in a controversy last year over employees supporting rioters.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/21 21:48:40

Qingdao road naming rules forbid names after foreigners, foreign places

The civil affairs authorities of Qingdao, East China's Shandong Province on Wednesday released a regulation on naming roads, which forbids names after state leaders, foreigners and foreign places, following a nationwide battle against "non-standard" names of places.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/21 21:29:34

'Wake up' association become popular on campus , making 1,000 wake-up calls every week

A “wake up" association set up by students at Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT) to encourage each other to get up early has recently taken off in a big way on campus.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/21 21:19:13

University in China's northeast dismisses over 50 PhD students

One of them has been studying for their PhD for 18 years and another two for 17 years.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/21 20:55:27

Update: Man pours boiling water on pregnant cat, kills it and four unborn kittens

A man from Taiyuan, North China's Shanxi Province sparked a furious backlash on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo after killing a pregnant stray cat with boiling water because it had “stolen his sausage.” All four of its unborn kittens also died, media reported.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/21 20:31:20

NATO space center serves US military superiority, provokes space race

The NATO setup of a new space command center using the excuse of countering China and Russia is akin to “a thief crying 'stop thief,'” Chinese analysts said Wednesday, pointing out that the US-led move is meant to seek military superiority in a future space war and provokes a space race.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/21 19:20:45

Chinese army downsizing sports teams and withdrawing from professional leagues

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is downsizing and rearranging its sports teams, and withdrawing them from professional national leagues in order to enhance their capabilities to serve the military.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/21 19:17:26

Seven people killed in 4 vehicles collision in Baoding, N China's Hebei Province.

Seven people killed in 4 vehicles collision in Baoding, N China's Hebei Province.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/21 18:54:59

Xi to attend event marking 70th anniversary of CPV army in War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on the whole Party and society to respect heroes, learn from and care for them, so as to gather the mighty strength for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/10/21 18:14:26

Panchen Lama concludes tour in Tibet

The 11th Panchen Lama on Tuesday completed a tour of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region lasting almost three months, during which he performed Buddhist rituals and social activities.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/21 16:00:04

Daughter-in-law of late leader Mao Zedong tells of sad parting from husband, who died in Korean War

The widow of Mao Anying, late leader Mao Zedong's eldest son who died in North Korea during the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea (1950-53), made a rare appearance in a documentary on the 70th anniversary of the war, telling in touching detail the story of her farewell with her husband.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/21 14:55:59

UPDATE: County govt denies using poverty alleviation funds for 88-meter-high statue

An impoverished county in Southwest China's Guizhou Province has come under criticism for building an 88-meter-high statue of the Miao goddess Yang Asha that cost 86 million yuan ($13 million). Netizens slammed it as a waste of funds that should be used for poverty alleviation.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/21 13:28:11

COVID-19 vaccine development unaffected by mutation: Chinese official

Studies have shown that the development of COVID-19 vaccines has not been affected by how the virus has mutated, a Chinese official said Tuesday.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/10/21 10:08:07

China's COVID-19 vaccine capacity to reach 610 million

China's total annual production capacity of COVID-19 vaccines will likely reach 610 million doses by the end of the year, a Chinese official said on Tuesday.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/10/21 9:55:17

Cities in Zhejiang abide by rules in emergency use of COVID-19 vaccines

After some cities in eastern China, where many export-driven businesses are located, showed growing demand for coronavirus vaccination, China's top regulators on drug development and epidemic prevention refuted Western media reports that China has expanded its vaccination program and has rolled out experimental vaccines to the general public, as they are still only for emergency use.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/20 21:57:08

Qingdao confirms 'object-to-human' virus passage

It has been found that the novel coronavirus can pass from objects to humans, and exist in cold chain conditions for a long time, the Qingdao government in East China's Shandong Province announced Tuesday, as it revealed the spread route of the virus in the latest local outbreak from imported frozen food products.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/20 21:48:40

Xinjiang people's employment rights guaranteed; religious practices respected: investigation

Field research involving 70 companies inside and outside Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and in-depth interviews with 800 people involved showed that the employment rights of local people, including ethnic minorities, are fully respected and guaranteed, and there is no forced labor as some Western "think tanks" have claimed.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/20 21:13:42