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BTS is called "The Miracle Maker," Jimin earns the moniker "Model Idol," Lisa in retro tones on the Chinese scene

#BTS the Miracle Maker#

3.89 billion views   3.65 million posts


South Korean boy band BTS won the Grand Prize (Digital Daesang) and Digital Song Division Bonsang at the 34th Golden Disc Awards at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul Saturday.  

The news of BTS' achievement, breaking in 2020, drove Chinese fans of the band crazy, with many of them taking to Chinese social media to send their congratulations and call them "The Miracle Maker."

"Congratulations to our kings BTS, we the Army will accompany you forever," one fan of BTS commented on Sina Weibo. 

"They are what we call legends and kings of the world. The year 2020 will belong to our beloved BTS," another fan posted.

"This is the most amazing gift of the year for our BTS, we will always be behind you guys," wrote one fan.

#Jimin Model Idol#

510 million views    1.11 million posts

South Korean band BTS member Jimin

South Korean band BTS member Jimin earned the moniker "model idol" from Chinese netizens for his superlative singing and dancing skills, as well as his kind and warmed-hearted approach to his fans. 

He expressed his thanks to his Army for listening to BTS' music and supporting them on BTS' official account after BTS won the Grand Prize and Digital Song Division Bonsang at the 34th Golden Disc Awards Saturday. 

"We will work harder. I always feel thankful and love you," he wrote and posted a photo making a love sign with his fingers. 

"You always thank us first when you get an award, we will always support you," one fan wrote on Weibo. 

#Lisa on the Chinese scene#

330 million views    47,000 posts

South Korean girl group Black Pink's member Lisa

A set of photos for South Korean girl group Black Pink's member Lisa, for magazine Nylon, has gone viral on China's twitter-like Sina Weibo. 

In the photos, Lisa wears a white dress and makes different poses, including hugging a puppy, while smiling sweetly. 

Lisa's cheek makeup in retro tones perfectly matches the laid-back vibe in the warm afternoon sun.

Many Chinese netizens were highly complimentary about the group photos.

"She is like a living Barbie doll. Her red eyeliner has a strong expressiveness in its retro tones," one netizen commented on Weibo.  

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