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Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/19 18:33:40

What's trending on Sunday:  

Wang Yibo gives a high five while running, Xiao Zhan reveals goals for the new year, Cai Xukun plans to pig out on Hunan cuisine


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Wang Yibo Photo:Courtesy of Weibo

The 22-year-old unstoppably popular Chinese singer and actor Wang Yibo seems to be a trending topic on Sina Weibo on a daily basis. On Sunday, a hashtag about him running and giving people high fives captured netizens' attention. 

After taping a Spring Festival gala for Hunan Satellite TV on Saturday, the star, wearing a bowtie and dressed in a clean white shirt paired with black pants, was seen running in a hurry somewhere when someone in the crowd stuck out their hand, which Wang immediately high fived. The person turned out to be a magician who taught Wang magic on the show. 

Netizens theorized that Wang must have been running to catch a flight. Some netizens  said they were warmed by his friendliness and consideration, even though he was in a rush. 

According to reports, the magic show was one of the most-viewed performances at the gala, in large part due to Wang's participation.

#XiaoZhanNew YearGoals#

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Xiao Zhan Photo:Courtesy of Weibo

With his well-received performances in The Untamed and Jade Dynasty, 2019 was a big year for Chinese heartthrob Xiao Zhan. On Saturday, the star won a Super Actor Award at a ceremony held by Dongfang Satellite TV.  

During his acceptance speech, Xiao thanked those who helped him over the years and also revealed his goals for the new year.

"I hope that I will be free from pride and fret, and all the staying up late at night. I'm also hoping for breakthroughs in different fields and being fearless in the new year," he said. 

"Congrats on the award! Let's fight together for the new year," posted one netizen.

#CaiXukunPlans ToGainWeight#

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Cai Xukun Photo:Courtesy of Weibo

The Spring Festival gala held by Hunan Satellite TV was truly a star-studded event. Chinese singer Cai Xukun also attended the gala. He greeted the audiences in the local dialect of Hunan Province, which is where his family is from.  

"I am making an effort to gain weight currently," said Cai. 

"I plan to gain at least five jin [one jin is half a kilogram] before leaving by enjoying the delicious food in Hunan." 

He also revealed that pork stir?fry with peppers is his favorite Hunan dish. 

"I heard that! You aren't allowed to leave Hunan if you didn't gain five jin," joked a fan in a post on Sina Weibo.

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