Wuhan sees 136 new pneumonia cases, 2 reported in Beijing, 1 in Guangdong

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/20 7:53:37

The Wuhan seafood market, which is at the centre of the pneumonia outbreak, has been closed. (Photo: Handout)

So far, the latest number of confirmed coronavirus cases has climbed to 136 in Wuhan from Saturday to Sunday, according to Wuhan health officials. Two cases were reported in Beijing's Daxing District, and one case has emerged in South China's Guangdong Province.

On Saturday, Wuhan reported 59 new cases and one fatality, while an additional 77 cases were confirmed on Sunday. 

Of the three cases reported outside of Wuhan, the infected patients had made recent visits to the city, media reported.

As of 10 pm Sunday, Wuhan health officials said 198 patients were confirmed to have the new coronavirus-related pneumonia, and 25 of them were recovering after receiving treatment. 

Three people have died in Wuhan from this latest pneumonia strain.

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