Chinese schools to postpone entrance exams, spring terms amid coronavirus outbreak

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/26 13:08:19

Photo: Xinhua

Chinese schools will postpone their entrance exams or spring terms mid the spread of Wuhan’s novel coronavirus. 

Beijing authority announced on Sunday at all schools in Beijing, from kindergartens to universities, will delay the start of spring term to help curb the spread of the virus. 

Beijing Film Academy announced on Saturday to postpone its entrance exam due to the coronavirus epidemic. Several arts colleges, including the Central Academy of Drama and the Academy of Arts & Design under Tsinghua University, have also postponed their entrance examinations scheduled for February. 

Schools in Hubei Province, the the epicenter of the outbreak, were among the first to announce postponement in new semester. 

Wuhan Technology and Business University announced Thursday on Sina Weibo that it has decided to delay its spring term due to the spread of the coronavirus. Its start date has yet to be determined.

Several other universities both inside and outside Wuhan have followed suit. Huazhong Agricultural University and Shanghai University in Shanghai, have announced delays of the upcoming academic term. 

Start dates for universities in Hubei have yet to be announced.

Universities in Hong Kong and Macao have also decided to reschedule their spring terms until after February 11.  

Global Times


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