Students and teachers in Germany record Chinese song to support coronavirus battle

By Liu Zhongyin Published: 2020/2/3 4:06:11

Students and teachers recorded the Chinese song “Fill This World with Love” at Burggymnasium in Essen, Germany on January 31, 2020.  Photo: Courtesy of Zhang Yungang

Students and teachers of different nationalities recorded the Chinese song "Fill This World with Love" at Burggymnasium, a public secondary school in Essen, Germany on Friday to extend their support to Wuhan, capital city of Central China's Hubei Province and the outbreak epicenter of the novel coronavirus.  

Many of the singers are members of a Chinese choir at Burggymnasium. The school was established in 852 AD and Chinese became its credit curriculum for the college entrance exam in 2008. Established in 2013, the Chinese choir, made up of 30-35 students who practice singing Chinese songs four hours every Saturday. 

Andre Portnov, an 11th grader, told the Global Times on Sunday they recorded the song to send positivity and hope to everyone in Wuhan fighting during this difficult time. Portnov said Wuhan is modern, dynamic, and beautiful. He visited the city for an Autumn Camp in October 2019. 

Zhang Yungang, a Chinese and English teacher at Burggymnasium and choir leader said the students have strong feelings for Wuhan because some of them visited the city several months ago and gained a good impression of the historical city. 

After the coronavirus outbreak, the students and teachers expressed their concerns by asking Zhang about the situation there and wrote letters to their friends in Shanghai and Southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Liu Yuening, a professor in Yangqin (Chinese Dulcimer) at the Central Conservatory of Music, said "when hearing them singing 'Fill This World with Love', it feels like people in the world are standing together with Chinese baring beautiful wishes." Liu visited the school as a member of a communications group to give performances, lectures, and hold exhibitions. 

In 2016, university student Lara Gruber visited Wuhan. The 18-year old said it is her favorite Chinese city. Gruber told the Global Times that she was deeply upset when she heard the virus outbreak and became more worried when she learned that Wuhan had been the hardest. 

It makes Gruber sad when she sees Germans frightened by Chinese out of fear of becoming infected with the coronavirus. She also feels that it is nonsense to think every Chinese might carry the virus as holding such beliefs creates pressure for Chinese living abroad.

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