Another head of Wuhan hospital in severe condition with coronavirus infection

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/2/19 23:39:48

Wang Ping, director of the Eighth Hospital of Wuhan. Photo: Web

Wang Ping, director of the Eighth Hospital of Wuhan, has been confirmed as being infected with coronavirus and is in critical condition in Jinyintan hospital, according to media reports.

As deputy director of Wuhan Central Hospital and director of the Eighth Hospital of Wuhan, Wang is a medical expert in gastroenterology and has been on the frontline amid the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, known as COVID-19.

There is a post circulating online asking for help with blood donations for plasma treatment.

Wang was praised by local authorities in Wuhan in February 2019 for her hardworking spirit that set an example for others, especially after she motivated and initiated hospital reform by enhancing talent development and improving incentive plans.

She has also been part of a medical support plan for Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and frequently attends healthcare conferences in communities and universities for elderly people.

The deadly virus has caused deaths among frontline medical staff and predominant professors. Neurosurgeon Liu Zhiming, head of the Wuchang Hospital, became infected while working against the novel coronavirus. He died from the virus on Tuesday morning despite his colleagues' all-out efforts to save his life.

As of Tuesday, 14 medical staff have died from the epidemic, according to media reports. It deeply saddened the Chinese public as they were frontline fighters in the battle against the disease.

Great attention to the protection and care of medical workers was urged on Wednesday, as they are the backbone in defeating the epidemic, the Xinhua News Agency said. Comprehensive support should also be provided for them to ensure their strength, morale and energy, Xinhua said.

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