US sanction on Chinese firms rebuked as 'long-arm jurisdiction'

By Yang Sheng and Yang Kunyi Source:Global Times Published: 2020/2/26 23:13:41

A worker works on a production line to produce dry granulators in Yichun, east China's Jiangxi Province, Feb. 24, 2020. (Photo by Zhou Liang/Xinhua)

The manager of a high-tech Chinese company sanctioned by the US for "helping" Iran's missile program denied on Wednesday that his company sells products to Iranian entities while Chinese observers believed that the US latest move shows  Washington has never restrained from bullying practices as it imposed"long-arm jurisdiction"to sanction Chinese firms and exercised hegemonism as China is fighting arduously against the COVID-19 outbreak.   

The US announced on Tuesday it was imposing sanctions on 13 foreign entities and individuals in China, Iraq, Russia, and Turkey for supporting Iran's missile program.

The US State Department said the action included new sanctions against three Chinese firms, a Chinese individual and a Turkish company.

Gaobeidian Kaituo Precise Instrument Co (Kaituo), which is listed on the sanctions list, specializes in the production of accelerometers widely used in aviation, aerospace and petroleum. 

Luo Dingwen, a manager of the company and also the Chinese individual on the US sanctions list, told the Global Times on Wednesday that the US' investigations on the company have been going on for almost two years based on his best knowledge, but he is not sure of the exact reason for the sanction, nor has the company been directly contacted by the US.

The US State Department says Luo "has also been involved in supplying sensitive items to Pakistan's missile program," the VOA reported.

Luo said Kaituo does not directly sell its products to any foreign clients, nor does it have a license for direct exports, and has zero business ties to any entity based in Iran.

Kaituo's current international business involves only small-scale cooperation with clients in the US and the UK, where the company sells its sensors through third party agents.

"Our products are mostly used for oil drilling in the petroleum industry," Luo said, "and not for any military use."

Chinese observers said that the long-arm jurisdiction by the US is illegal as it is not based on UN Security Council resolutions, and this kind of hegemonic behavior will offend more countries and the US will be more isolated.

While China is fighting the COVID-19 and making great efforts to minimize the impact to the rest of the world, the US has not restrained from bullying practices and insists on making trouble. This again reflects the US' immorality, observers noted.

Luo suspects that Kaituo's business ties with Raybeam Optronics, a company based in North China's Hebei Province that produces optical equipment and thermal imaging systems, might be the most likely reason it was targeted by the US.

Raybeam was also put on an earlier list by the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation of the US State Department in May last year, and was barred from selling products to companies in the US. The company sells products such as laser rangefinders and thermal imaging systems. 

China's Ministry of Commerce responded to US sanctions on Raybeam in May, saying that it opposes US "long arm jurisdiction," and that China opposes any country which uses its own laws to oppose any Chinese company or individual. China will take necessary measures to protect the legal rights of Chinese companies, China's Ministry of Commerce spokesperson said. 


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