Ban on Chinese students comes at a cost for the US

Chinese students accounted for 1/3 of international students at US universities in 2018/2019. Ban on Chinese students studying in the US will come at a cost for both higher education in the US and the country's economy.

Divorce rate in China (1978-2017)

The number of divorces in China increased from 285,000 in 1978 to 4.37m in 2017. Over the last ...

2018/9/18 13:57:40

Xi's new approach to drive forward China-Africa ties

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced China's approach to dealing with Africa during his keynote speech at the opening ...

2018/9/4 23:57:47

China - Africa trade (2009-17)

The FOCAC Beijing summit will kick off on Sept 3. In 2017, the China-Africa trade volume reached $170 ...

2018/9/2 12:20:07

Military cooperation between China and India

China's defense minister is visiting India, the first visit since last year's #Doklam standoff. Presently, Sino-Indian military ties ...

2018/8/23 17:04:49

Xi – Hussain Meetings (Feb 2014 – Jun 2018)

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain have met seven times in the past five years. ...

2018/8/12 16:54:16

China's foreign trade 1978-2017

China's foreign trade volume reached $4.1 trillion, nearly 200 times the volume in 1978, while the structure for ...

2018/8/7 19:05:03

Meetings between Chinese and Vietnamese leaders (Jun 2013 – Jun 2018)

Bordering China, Vietnam has significant geographical advantages in the "Belt and Road". In the past five years, top ...

2018/8/3 9:47:48

Relations between China and Mauritius

Mauritius is the 1st African country to start a free trade talk with China, and the only African ...

2018/7/20 17:34:53

Relations between China and South Africa

Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to South Africa is his 3rd state visit to the country, and also ...

2018/7/20 17:31:41

Relations between China and Rwanda

Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Rwanda is the first visit by a Chinese president to the country. ...

2018/7/20 17:27:47

Relations between China and Senegal

Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Senegal is his first visit to a West African country. The leaders ...

2018/7/20 17:26:44

Bilateral trade between China and the UAE

The bilateral trade between China and the UAE in 2017 reached $41b, up 2.3% compared to 2016.

2018/7/20 14:46:49