Mass vaccination around the world

As the production capacity of COVID-19 vaccine increases, more and more countries roll out their plan for mass vaccination. Check out the infographic to see the detailed schedule:

Global confidence in COVID-19 vaccines

Among 15,700 online interviewees from 31 countries and regions, 60% think a successful vaccine for COVID-19 will become ...

2020/12/28 20:25:29

How Chinese people see the world ?

A new Global Times poll has shown that over 70 percent of respondents believe that "wolf warrior diplomacy" ...

2020/12/25 18:22:23

China's grain supply in 2020

China's agriculture ministry stresses importance of ensuring food security, vows to put grain production as top priority and ...

2020/12/24 23:15:47

China tightens scrutiny over monopoly conduct

From the first anti-monopoly case between software developer Qihoo and Tencent in 2014 to the latest probe into ...

2020/12/24 20:03:28

China-Russia strategic cooperation in 2020

From military drills and fighting the epidemic to the issue of Iran, the US' suppression of China and ...

2020/12/23 21:13:42

A 'Domino Effect' of UK Travel Bans over Mutant Virus

Countries such as Australia, Iceland and Italy have reported cases of people infected by the new COVID-19 variant ...

2020/12/23 18:31:40

From follower to leader: China's transport development

With the world's longest high-speed railway and postal services that reach every remote village, China has built a ...

2020/12/22 22:46:58

Trump ratchets up confrontations with China in final weeks in office

Trump ratchets up confrontations with China in his final weeks in office: -Imposed further visa restrictions on Chinese officials -Published ...

2020/12/22 19:35:15

Quotes from renowned China scholar Ezra Vogel

Ezra Vogel, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University and leading American scholar on East Asian affairs, died at the ...

2020/12/22 17:06:20

Energy in China's New Era: White Paper

Historic Achievement in energy development

2020/12/21 23:11:19

China marches into new era with two aircraft carriers

China's second aircraft carrier, the Shandong, on Sunday sailed through the Taiwan Straits and entered the South China ...

2020/12/21 18:58:39

India COVID-19 cases exceed 10 million

COVID19 cases in India hit 10 million on Sat, according to Johns Hopkins University's real-time tally, making it ...

2020/12/19 13:01:56