Wuhan Coronavirus in numbers

Wuhan Coronavirus in numbers: follow the alarming trend as number of confirmed cases of Wuhan coronavirus in China rises from 291 to 1,975 in just 6 days. Some believe that the availability of more testing kits has led to confirmation of more cases.

Back and forth between North Korea and the US: farce or progress?

The scheduled meeting between #Trump and #NorthKorean leader Kim Jong-un has been on-and-off track in recent weeks.

2018/6/11 9:51:08

China foreign exchange reserve 1978-2017

40 years after reform and opening-up: China's foreign exchange reserve has leapt from $0.17 billion in 1978 to ...

2018/6/3 14:49:51

Trades, projects between China's Qingdao and other SCO members

As of 2017, nearly $1 billion has been invested between China's Qingdao and other SCO members. Qingdao, a ...

2018/5/30 19:00:07

Facts about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Nearly half the world's population is now included in the #SCO following the addition of India, Pakistan as ...

2018/5/29 18:02:10

China's industrial structure upgrade 1978-2017

In 1978, the first year of reform and opening-up, the tertiary industry accounted for a small part of ...

2018/5/25 16:12:31

China's GDP 1978-2017

40 years after reform and opening-up: China's GDP increased 82 times to $12.24 trillion in 2017, or 15% ...

2018/5/23 18:23:27

Type 001A: China's second aircraft carrier, first domestically-made

China's first home-grown aircraft carrier Type 001A begins its maiden sea trial on May 13. From 2013 to ...

2018/5/13 11:18:41

Type 001A vs Liaoning

China's first domestically built aircraft carrier Type 001A looks similar to the Liaoning, but reports said that its ...

2018/5/13 8:35:31

Economic Development of the Wenchuan quake-hit areas in the past ten years

The Wenchuan Earthquake in Southwest China's Sichuan Province in 2008 claimed more than 80,000 lives and caused great ...

2018/5/11 11:25:52

China-US trade frictions in graphic in 2018

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He is scheduled to exchange views with the US delegation, led by Treasury Secretary ...

2018/5/3 19:05:32

A history of inter-Korean summits

The 3rd inter-Korean summit will be held on Friday at the Peace House in the truce village of ...

2018/4/26 20:06:47

The Korean Peninsula's progress towards peace in 2018

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in will hold the inter-Korean summit at ...

2018/4/26 19:56:09